There are more Realtors than homes for sale. Follow one trying to close his first deal

More than 130,000 people have become Realtors since the beginning of the pandemic. Follow one new agent as he tries to make his first sale in one of the most competitive housing markets in the country. #CNN #News #Business


  1. Sometimes we guide the lost..
    We don’t know how to get out of the maze🎼🎼🌺🌺☕

  2. too many realtors and people trying to cash in on the market. You really only do well with the big realty companies, learn the ropes and then open your own business. It’s all about word of mouth in this market. Having the right size desk and chair is a good starting point…

    1. Lmao you’re probably right….CNN allows you to type that but if you say China Moe (substitute the M for J) you get deleted….hahaha I typed it like that so hopefully it doesn’t get deleted.

  3. so if this guy just got his license, what training coarse or seminar did he pay for and nobody mentioned that there’s 8 houses to every 1 realtor in his chosen location

    1. @Christopher Carter yep i picked up that , f#ck up right after i hit post . Same question either way , you ain’t gonna make a living only selling 8 house in a year

    2. They wouldn’t tell him that, they want to make money “training” more of these people.

    3. Usually there is no training. You get licensed and your broker sends you out there. I’m trying to figure out how he’s living. 9 months and no paycheck?

      Unless he’s a “pampered chef” agent who only does it as a side hustle.

  4. Prior to this year I associated “housing crisis “ with big cities like New York City and L.A. I think it will not be that long until it’s considered a problem in every state outside Alaska.

  5. They forgot to mention there are tons of homes that are vacancies bought by real estate investors in the recent times. Busted.

  6. My husband and I started looking for a house 5 months ago and every single one we went to see sold the day it hit the market. 3 months ago I saw a perfect listing online, went to see it 20 minutes later, made an offer within 10 minutes of our viewing, signed the paperwork an hour later, moved in 1 month later, and couldn’t possibly be happier!👍
    It’s crazy out there. If you want a house you better jump on it immediately!

    1. @Senior Housing Analyst You’ve been a big help, thanks. If your concerns are in reference to the speed at which we were able to buy it, all cash offers tend to go pretty quickly, so we were able to close in a month. We’re thrilled about our purchase and feel very fortunate to have run across a house so well fitted to our needs, that was also within our budget. It’d be nice if you could find a way to be happy for us, instead of tossing around unwarranted insulting replies without any explanation. My family has been in real estate for years and we know what we’re doing. There was no fraud and I have no idea why you’d think there was.

    1. Not the same. The last housing bubble was driven by people defaulting on their loans. This one is driven by higher demand than supply. Until construction catches up with demand this is going to continue.

    2. @K3r0411 The problem is that it becomes a bidding war to get a house, raising the house price. Good for the seller, but later, when prices come down and stabilize, the loan value is more than the value of the house. New buyer is stuck, as selling won’t pay off loan.

  7. After the next housing bubble pops.
    Banks will blame realtor’s.
    Then cash in their Billion’s in bailouts…

  8. My best advice as an ex-realtor for this young man is to dress the part. You’re selling yourself and if you’re trying to get someone to buy a $200k, $300k, or even a million-dollar home, wear a button-up dress shirt and nice trousers at least. Leave the tennis shoes at home. You can catch far more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

    1. My thought exactly. Seems like a decent guy with real plans for his future, but it appears that he’s got a lot to learn and not just about real estate.

    2. Dress to make your customer feel comfortable. Do you think a suit would make a truck driver or contractor more comfortable?

      I’ve been in sales for almost 30 years and although I do agree you should dress the part. You dress the part for the situation. I’d never hire a plumber that showed up in a tux. Or a sales guy that was in shorts and flip flops.

    1. @Virginia Moss people have to eat, Realtors are professionals in their craft, and they don’t collect any pay until a house is sold. Plus they pay for all of the marketing and photos on your house. Thank can be a few thousand. On top of brokerage fees and splitting with the other realtor, expenses, and taxes they’ll make some money but not as much as people think. Plus it’s not a 40 wage slave job. It’s 24/7 365 with no paid time off or benefits.

    2. Do you have a roof over your head?

      Thank a realtor for being involved in the process that resulted in you living in your home.

    3. Any buyer or seller with two marbles rolling around in their head and some time can do the job themselves. There is a reason why you dont need any specific education to become a realitor. For normal, Single family homes there is no reason for this crap.

  9. He’s a hustler, as long as he keeps doing what he’s doing while perfecting his craft he’ll have nothing but success in his future. You got this!!

    1. The “hustle” is what got us to this situation in the first place, and this poor smuck has already been outclassed by the machines.

  10. That’s why I keep getting personal letters from realtors trying to buy the house I rent. 😒

    1. We just bought our house 3 months ago and found a note on our door from a realtor asking if we were interested in selling our home because she has “buyers very interested in our neighborhood”. I guess she put the same letter on everyone’s door, but it just made us laugh. 😉

    2. I get phone calls from realtors wanting to sell the house I rent an apartment in. I hang up on them without giving them the owner’s phone number. I’m afraid if this place gets sold, I’ll be homeless.

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