1. What’s the point in Infantry bodies if the mission is in space? Are they secfo? I assumed Space Force was all scientists.

    1. PT every morning so your body doesnt rot in an office chair.

      But seriously, even staff members have had to fight before when attacked. Never know when or where the fight will find you.

  2. Neat.
    Kind-of makes me think we might get a real-life “Star Command” situation.
    Also, there is no real way to defend from attacks that originate from space that I am aware of so “shock-troopers” being dropped from space would be a MASSIVE advantage….
    Now that I think about it… It might be more of a HALO ODST situation….
    This is going to be interesting to see unfold.

  3. Its about time we start training our military to fly those U.A.P’s they have been accumulating and hiding in that big military Hanger in Roswell since 1947

  4. The young Space Force trainee at the end said that Space Force has broken away from the Air Force. Yes. A new service branch. But still conducting BMT at an Air Force base. And! Falls under the Dept. Of The A.F…….. Meaning, Space Force is very much a dwarf star within the larger, and obviously older Air Force constellation.

    1. So what, you don’t like my reply. But instead of showing you are calable of adult interaction you go on the attack…..I don’t say you need meditation. You need MEDICATION!

    2. Did you realize they changed these bases to Space Force bases? Buckley, Peterson, Los Angeles, Schriever, Vandenberg, Cape Canaveral and Patrick. You really don’t know what you are talking about. You sound jealous.

  5. I am a political scientist.

    Well, satellites of all countries are doing basicly the same, so nobody is very interesting about cracking transmissions of foreign satellites.
    More important is researching what is disturbing signals of “our” satellites, to solve technical problems with transmission of signal.
    And here again all countries have the same problems.

  6. Amazing how many people are interested in going into outer space, ,it beginning to remind me of star trek.,.

  7. The only way to train a mind to see the unforeseeable or learn the unknowable
    Is to first learn to survive with little more then a naked, possessionless body and the will to endure against all odds, naysayers and doubters. Face your own pain, discover it and live with it in balance. The mistake many make is to believe one can conquer pain, it is the mistake of xinnie the pooh
    You can not conquer pain but you can discover and live with it.

  8. I wanna hear a drill sarge go “what are the first six digits of pi private?! Oh you don’t know? That’s 31 pull ups, 41 push ups, and 59 situps, cause you gonna learn! Lol

  9. Nerds forever! Obviously going to be the smartest of the armed services. As long as they train with rifles, pistols, and bayonets along with radar, lidar, and spectrum analyzers.

    1. I wouldn’t bet on that. The softest maybe. I did cross training with the Air Force. They were super nerdy but not actually all that bright.

  10. I am all for Space Force. However I would like to recommend the following changes to the military naming conventions:

    Army = Land Force
    Navy = Sea Force
    Marines = Surf and Turf

  11. Why is the USA Government wasting trillions of dollars on creating another military branch went the US Air Force and NASA is more equip, efficient and already doing what Space Force will do? The USA Government should put the $7T into Social Security Fund or build housing for homeless veterans.

    1. It doesn’t matter what you think. This segment is meant to appeal to one person: Conservative John Malone. CNN’s new majority shareholder.

  12. Bruh after watching Interstellar I see why we have a space force. Droughts and Blights are going to make earth untenable and we are going to need other planets to colonize.

  13. As a former Space Command Airman and current USSF contractor, my reaction to that is: Hwat!? She’s never seen Star Wars!? What are they teaching those kids?

    1. R2: blip bleep blop blip blip weeooo blip.
      Umm, let me translate. R2 is asking: This country teaches children?

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