1. In international affairs American’s high – handed policies aren’t yielding desired results anymore they are well advised to use their soft power which they have in abundance.

  2. We are witnessing the decline of the United States of America. These people are just unfortunate collateral damage.

  3. Biden better get on these evacuations!!! He knows damn good and well that SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BETTER!!! We had the opportunity now step up before it’s too late for our people and allies.

    1. Biden has over 50 years experience he F..up Afghanistan by not thinking a clear exit strategy.11000 Americans and allies stranded
      Hillary has over 50 years experience she F..up benghazi leaving an ambassador dead
      Trump little political experience did not F..up anything

    2. @lanono The fact that you use the term ‘privileged white folk’ says a lot. You are definitely one of the cultists.

    3. Clown Biiden ruined 20 years of sacrifice we made there… Disgraceful human being and an election thief


    5. The man’s senile. He doesn’t know anything other than what his favorite ice cream flavor is. This is your president, the one you all stand behind no matter what he does or stupid things he says. You reap what you sow, and sadly because of you people’s hatred for Trump, the rest of the world has to pay too

  4. I’m Canadian and I only cried for our soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghanistan battle field. I have lots of empathy for Afghan people however Afghanistan is their soil, it was and always will be their duty to fight for their own freedom. They didn’t help us, they helped themselves.

    1. 159 Canadian lives lost and for what? And let’s not forget the PPCLI lives lost to Maj. Harry Schmidt of the Illinois Air National Guard when he deliberately attacked their position after being told not to. Thanks America. Hell of an ally you are.

    2. This wasn’t about giving them freedom . It was about the natrual resources there and it always was

      All resistance is going to do is get you them killed

    1. In geo politics you actually loose it… But if sleepy joe is really worried about asia pacific and CHINA …this might be a good move if they can steer this situation in right direction

    2. @Scott Weaver I’m not a democrat but your prime example of moral decay in America everything is partisan politics. Damn shame

    3. @tommi atkins are you talking about Biden hugging a Chinese flag that killed over a half of million Americans.

    4. @GreenAppelPie I would say before that. The last 4 Presidents have been horrible, but the US has an estranged relationship with Honor.

    5. @Scott Weaver US “morality” is not only our Triumphs like WW1/WW2, but also our failures and evils. The US had no morality in the Trail of Tears [The “civilized” tribes of the southeast were uprooted and forced out. their material culture was destroyed]. The US did not have morals in backing the United Fruit company in central America and then funding/supplying dictatorships that would reinforce US hegemony. The US has moral failings. However Biden is not about morality. Biden has lost America’s Honor. For all those that said “the world will respect us again” and “vote blue no matter who”. This is your fault!

    1. @lauren vega-cruz but if the taliban broke president Trumps deal they would have hell to pay that was his agreement

    2. Yeah. There Trump made his worst mistake. He startet to pull out a good amount of U. S. Soldiers when he was still in Office and he did this stupid deal with the Talibans, where he promised to pull out the remaining ones, fixing a date for It: 1 of May 2021. Thats when the tragedy already startet. Very sad. No one understood that and Russia and China knew after that deal, that this will be
      their chance to start negociations with the Talibans.
      So they did and what will come out of it , we will know sooner or later. Even so, its good that this idiotic war is over. He was lost already 2002.

    3. @Censorship Is real no it’s not because Trump is the one that started all this and Biden carried out his plan. I believe they’re both terrible but trump wouldn’t have done much more idk what the right move is but we should never have been there in first place for 20yrs a lot of ppl including Biden have blood on their hands

    4. This should be a wake up call to everyone that this is what happened when democrats get their way. They are a cancer spreading through the nation, and now their rot is destroying the world too

  5. our ppl need to get out of there and those that worked and fought with us, those ARE our ppl too. we gave our word. this is insanity.

  6. Most Americans wanted to bring the troops home and said we shouldn’t be in Afghanistan. Now people are complaining that we left. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. @Benjamin Levine Bruh, it’s been over half a year and you’re still pushing that cult theory? Just drop it already.

    2. Rene,
      You are equivocating two separate arguments.
      1. We should have left Afghanistan years ago. A majority of Americans agree including myself.
      2. The horror is not that we are leaving but the way we did.
      a) the evacuation plan, if any, was a catastrophe.
      b) the decision to pull 2,500 troops Pedro you evacuate Americans and friendly civilians was just bone head stupid.
      c) Having the pentagon state they do not have a head count on the number of Americans in Afghanistan is unacceptable.
      d) claiming there is safe passage for Americans to the Kabul airport is a lie from the mouth of our President. The House of Representatives were just told that Americans trying to get to the airport are now being beaten and having their passports confiscated. They are hostages now.
      e) the UK, France and Germany are flying into the interior to evacuate their citizens. Mean while the Pentagon is telling reporters that we the US do not have that capability so we have to rely on the “good will” of the Taliban.
      f) President Biden did not even contact our nato allies that Kabul was going to fall. Hi first call you as to PM Boris Johnson two days after the fall.
      g) President Biden ignored his military advisors and an open protest letter from international diplomats of the area not to commit to a swift and total withdrawal.
      h) we evacuated interior bases without notifying Afghanistan Military or supporting staff.
      The criticism is coming from the blood bath that is this evacuation that has created one of the worst
      humanitarian crisis in our lift time and the blame goes straight to the top. The White House.

    3. It’s not about us leaving, it’s about how we left. There is a big difference. Very few people are actually saying we should stay in. Instead most us on the right are disgusted with how Biden pulled out: in the dead of night, with our soldiers first and leaving all of our civilians behind. That is unacceptable. You get your civilians out FIRST, not last. You get civilians out, then you close your embassy, then you withdraw from the bases and get your equipment out, then you destroy the bases so the enemy can’t take them over, and then and ONLY THEN do you finally withdraw the military for good.

  7. He’s right about every aspect of the
    Who we are as American
    And if our allies saw this mistreatment
    No one ever will trust us
    This is a disappointing and huge disaster
    For both sides

    1. There’s a lot of work to be done right here at home, uplifting POCs. Privileged White folk are so eager to help foreigners but not their fellow Americans of a different hue. Biden is doing the right thing. Uplifting minorities is his primary objective. That’s what got him elected.

    2. @lanono You do that via voting . You have caused that by voting for the wrong people . You have done that yourself . The Afghan people have not inflicted that in you . It won’t change a thing .

      What it has done is make even your NATO allies loose trust in you

  8. My heart goes out to him, his family, and all the others who are going trough the same thing. Keep these stories alive so that they may get a chance to come out alive.

    1. @Clarkké Peterson I ain’t crying. You are. American troops are out. The Taliban is in. Now we can focus on giving our minorities the opportunities that they never had. Biden is President. The Senate & House are are controlled by the Democrats. What a joy!

    2. Crazy Biden ruined 20 years of work jn Afghanistan lolol and he isn’t even the legitimate president

    3. Save THESE PEOPLE JOE, the French are going door to door for their own. Help Joe. WHY didn’t you get THESE PEOPLE out first?

  9. How merciless is USA towards the people who have trusted them. USA can never escape from the responsibility of this mass human tragedy in Afghanistan.

    1. Biden’s voters are having deep regret right now. He’s a total embarrassment to the US and must be impeached.

  10. “…we are working for…allies to be rescued.” Meanwhile, biden neglects stranded Americans ; prioritizes Afghanistan refugees. Meanwhile, additionally, CNN masquerades hypocritically.

  11. I am still waiting for one report from CNN about what is actually going on in streets and in cities other than the airport area. No report from CNN about how the life looks like under Taliban ruling. What ordinary people say or think about the current situation. Are school and government offices have been opened again?!!.
    Well , none American media networks and local Afgan reporters and vloggers are doing all of this.
    CNN and other mainstream media are only showing what fits thier narrative which is ” pro endless wars and leaving Afghanistan is bad”

  12. You know things must be pretty bad when CNN is reporting on one of Biden’s disasters or they need the extra ratings boost!

  13. I can’t believe these people won’t stand and fight for themselves.
    If this happened here in the US, we wouldn’t give up even after we ran out of rocks to throw.

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