'This Is The Time' For Politicians To Act On Gun Violence | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

‘This Is The Time’ For Politicians To Act On Gun Violence | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about gun violence today, Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence's Robyn Thomas believes the latest mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder add greater urgency to the issue. She says the American people are "fed up" with their national leaders for not taking action. "This is the time for them to do that." Aired on 03/23/2021.
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'This Is The Time' For Politicians To Act On Gun Violence | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. The only way we will have any sort of gun reform is for the Democrats to ram it through.The No Go GOP is not going to do anything about anything.

    1. @Bat Boy would you like to elaborate or are set on being vague in an attempt to hide the fact you have no clue what you’re talking about and can’t even figure out how to walk it back?

    1. Except gun violence has been declining for decades. The media plays the shell game, for instance there’s no agreed upon definition for what a “mass shooting” is.
      Pew research has lots of good data and info on this subject that you won’t get from media or political opportunists.

    2. Every year since Columbine 1999: “we need to act on gun violence, oh and race violence, oh and transgender phobia and inequality that we realized still didn’t give us a free ride so now it’s ”equity”, also I want free healthcare and welfare. Oh we need to do something about border security, except after Trump became president, then that’s racist and xenophobic. Oh and we need to act on….”. -Liberals

    1. A freak show with idiots carrying guns and go on murderous rampage because they are afraid of their 2nd Amendment rights being taken away.

    1. @Schrodinger The Cat that’s so crazy to hear since I live in America where you need a license to buy a gun and a background check but I only need to know “my” name to vote.

    2. Yeah …We need to show ID to buy a carton of eggs..at least that’s what some orange guy on tv said.

    3. It is just Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are not politicians. MTG and Lauren Boebert are promoting gun violence because they are afraid of having the 2nd Amendment rights taken away.

    4. @Marcos Juarez as all Americans should be. There’s two on the right but the dems have a whole “squad” of extremists on their side of the aisle.

    5. @Joseph Gerarde But not all the Democrats are extremists because the majority of them are center to center-left social liberals. You have seem to forget something. But I think that you have all the misogyny since you are a women-hater.

  2. We need change regarding guns, but the changes should be uniform across the country. Legitimate gun owners shouldn’t be caught in a trap where they can’t drive across the state or country without risking legal jeopardy.

  3. Just the idea of increasing the effectiveness of background checks brings rabid, frothing at the mouth screams of “DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!!”

    1. And the ironic thing is, nobody is planning to take away their guns, but if the government was planning to go take their guns away, they’d come with such overwhelming force that these lunatic gun nuts wouldn’t be able to do anything about it anyway!

    2. The NRA’s most effective argument against gun regulation…immediately regurgitated and amplified by the Republican Party that they paid for with $’s from gun manufacturers.

  4. “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, being ….” begins your beloved 2nd Amendment, illegal gun owners … what do you think REGULATED means, and why aren’t you in a WELL REGULATED MILITIA in order to have guns?

    1. Because the second amendment protects your right to own firearms to quickly form a militia. You don’t have to be in one to own a firearm. Like the minute men.
      And remember that the whole reason for the the first and second amendment is so the people can keep the government in check by keeping the people in power. So knowing that it’s meant to keep the government regulated, who do you propose regulate militias? The people who are supposed to fear the militias? Wouldn’t that be convenient for tyrants.

  5. just when i was getting complacent about the drop off in school shootings. now sure it’s due to schools being pretty much on hiatus, but it was still kinda comforting, right?! right?!

  6. No way no how no new gun laws unless the law makes it mandatory for all adults to own at least you gun and take a gun safety course

  7. City and State regulation is a good start. But remember Kyle Rittenhouse also purchased his gun through loopholes in regulations. Not once has a gun prevented a mass shooting, but a lack of guns could.

  8. Mass shooting happens.
    “This is the time to act!”
    1200 mass shootings later:
    “This is the time to act!”

  9. I want to buy a tank to put in my front lawn this is what stupidity has come too. no this will never work stop the ridiculous mindset that you need assault weapons.. nonsense.

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