What Made The Coronavirus An Uneven Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

What Made The Coronavirus An Uneven Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Dr. Kavita Patel and New York Magazine's Benjamin Wallace-Wells join Morning Joe for a discussion on AstraZeneca;s coronavirus vaccine and on Wallace-Wells' new article 'How the West Lost Covid'. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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What Made The Coronavirus An Uneven Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. From now on any plans for dealing with pandemics are going to have to put economic considerations at the top of the list. I don’t think any infectious disease experts ever considered the fact that the chamber of commerce would have more influence on policy than the national Institute of health.

    1. I almost support this considering the shutdowns have caused more issues then the virus ever could, even had we done nothing.

      Idk about putting economy at the top of the list, however I do think it should not entirely be ignored in the future, like we did this time.

    2. @William Springer the shutdowns have caused more issues? I don’t know if the families of the 550,000 people who have died would agree.

  2. Google This story from CNN: Sidney Powell argues in new court filling that no reasonable people would believe her election fraud claims.
    Google This story from CNBC: Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell says ‘no reasonable person’ believes election claims were ‘statements of fact’.

    1. @kevak 123 Tucker Carlson used the same defense. This is what Mary Kay Vysocil, US District Judge said. ‘This ‘general tenor’ of the (Carson’s) show should then inform a viewer that he (Carlson) is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘non-literal commentary'”.

    2. She’s done that because a moron of a Judge bought (and you might assume literally) Fox’s argument re Tucker Carlson that none of his viewers take him seriously and know he is full of sh*t. When the exact opposite is true – ONLY his viewers take him seriously. But they won and now all these seditious people around ‘the Big Lie’ will say it was entertainment – theater. Why Ghouliani claimed that lies are covered by the 1st which is of course a lie. But that won’t stop him from trying to make it so. The Fox case should have been appealed.

  3. I can’t believe that the experts are missing this. What I’m talking about is the ad campaign of people getting shots in arms. Now I am in my 60s and want to take the vaccine but since I don’t drive and live in a small town the opportunity has not presented itself to me as of yet but for those who are hesitant to take the shot, one of the reasons might be that although we see people taking shots. Whether they be celebrities or doctors and nurses or even politicians the average American does not know what is in that shot because they will rationalize it as well they may be taking vitamin B12 shots for all I know. Even the talking heads in the news media have not looked at this point of view.
    I don’t have the answer of how you can convince those doubting Thomas’s to take the vaccine then again I am no one famous or a politician or a celebrity. I’m just a disabled, decorated old veteran who got very used to being a pincushion in the military

    1. This is one of the terrible issues that need to be dealt with. The federal roll out to get the vaccines to the stage was absolutely amazing but the stage seem to be falling down. A lot depends on where you are. In the South Dakota the civil air patrol was charged with delivering precious vaccines to outline areas. They apparently had personnel in place to inoculate people once the vaccines arrived. Other states are falling down on the job, They appeared to be mired in bureaucracy.

    2. @T. R. Campbell absolutely right. It depends on the governor’s of each state including hear in Texas.
      Need I say more.

    3. @Siberian Husky What’s one more shot over the course of a lifetime? In the military I got shots for smallpox, yellow fever, cholera and tetanus and a few more that I can’t remember and I’m still living as are 18 million of US veterans. There’s no courage about it it’s more about empathy and about protecting people around you.

  4. AstraZeneca – the only company I know that starts off each workday with a 1 hour practice period of kicking themselves in the face.

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    1. You need to lock your screen when your phone is in your pocket. It’s posting all kinds of strange things.

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  7. It remains approved in Canada — but under watch. We don’t take all of our recommendations from the U.S.

  8. Asian countries did better cos we went through SARS and learnt from it. While you in the west were just laughing at how primitive we were.

  9. The only difference between the Astrazeneca vaccine and the Johnson and Johnson and Russian Sputnik V vaccines is being based on a chimp adenovirus rather than a human adenovirus. It is supposed to be more safe than having a human viral vector but it is possible it could be less safe due to some unforeseen factor. Typically in safety trials, it is a combination of factors that can make a vaccine or drug unsafe for a certain group of patients even though based on overall results it is safe under most conditions, with no statistical difference in safety between controls and those being treated. Having an adverse event can be like a negative jackpot, only you lose when every factor lines up synergistically. Many of the adverse events being reported could fall under the category of autoimmune reactions, although they are still relatively rare and have yet to be fully determined.

  10. The numbers since 2000 are very clear.
    People shot by a person with a gun: 2,370,000
    People shot by a person without a gun: 0

    1. The Chinese COVID19 bioweapon murdered more Americans in one year than gun violence killed in 60 years.
      Disarm the Chinese not Americans!

  11. It was most probable created with motivation of “cheaper” to produce in mind. The vaccination should have total focus on elimination covid 19 not less cost!

  12. Had two people in my family die super healthy both physically fit and nothing wrong with them not only died alone with brown liquids filling up so bad in there lungs that it ripped open there esophagus one time trying to pump floyd out but this diease makes your lung not be able to absorb like a sponge so you die suffocating and drowning at the same time and become a shell of your former self no muscle tissue left and bed sores eating your leg all the way through to the deep skin in some places all alone no family around you so don’t ever say it’s not dangerous that’s the lie your former president led everybody to believe for a stupid vote and money to keep him out of jail now because of the catastrophic leftover mess he has left us in the wake of his lies bogus conspiracies and bribery and insurrections and let a quarter of Million die for that lie so he could throw those same people under the bus once the world came after him and hunting him down now with 6 seperate investigations and the founding father of RICO and Racketeering mark pomerantz hired to take him down who has already turned up a paper trail if his criminal empire from NY to Chicago and now Florida with two of his lawmakers and Republicans.arrested March 19 2021 for tampering with election results and machines and posing as a democrat last year to keep Trump’s policies in power through tax invasion and fraudulent lones in the millions

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