This is Viva la Bromance | Brian Williams | MSNBC 1

This is Viva la Bromance | Brian Williams | MSNBC


Brian Williams reflects on French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to the White House in April 2018.
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This is Viva la Bromance | Brian Williams | MSNBC


    1. Maybe that’s why the Commissioners in a Michigan county late last week voted unanimously to hand-count every ballot cast in an upcoming primary!

    1. You: I’m a hero who stands up for the little man
      Still you: I make fun of people with small hands
      Me: Hmmmmm

  1. A Russian agent, a senile old man, and a criminal walk into a MacDonald’s…
    The cashier asks, “What can I get you Mr. Trump?”

    1. Bidens Laptop Maters – $10M for the Big Guy – Got to lock him up! his puppet masters let him trip fall 3 times on his way to Air “Farce” One
      MSDNC still cashing on TRump Poor TDS viewers can’t get the best POTUS in recent history off their head!

    2. @sammy bubba Funny how the sheeple that are so blind with fear and are wearing 2-3 masks are the ones getting sick. They’re lying to you, but you don’t care to know the truth because you let others think for you. Did you ever see bill gates in a mask? No, because he knows the lie. He’s part of the lie and he’s making millions on the virus and vaccine. Look into Event 201 and then ask yourself why would a virus be patented. Think sammy.

    3. @Missy R just want you to be aware that whenever rational people see other people posting comments like yours, we usually pity you guys for being so gullible.
      In our heads it’s like, “Ohhhhh nooooooo, that poor thing is super susceptible to thinking tabloids are real.”
      You probably still believe in a god or Santa too.
      Anyways, just giving you a heads up.
      They’re all gonna laugh at you!

    4. @John Tuel You all laughed almost a year ago when I told you what cuomo was doing and now he’s in hot water. You all laughed when I told you doctors were lying on death certificates, but now we see they really did because they were paid for covid cases not accidents, anxiety or heart attacks. Laugh all you want. We want the laughing, ignorant, useless dumb ones to go first. Wear 3 masks and go live at a covid detention center buddy until your doctor chooses you or your loved ones for a statistic for a bonus. Drink your Brawndo.

    1. @Howard Mulvihill Do they allow hair-helmets and orange makeup in prison? His mug shot will look like a train wreck.

    1. Epstein to Trump:
      Trump to Epstein: Get out of my actual club YOU CREEP
      The Clintons: Hey Epstein, want to take roughly 30 plane rides with sketchy flight logs detailing a lot of … young women #METOO

    2. @druu jenkins You have seen the many pics of Epstein and Trump hanging out, laughing and socialising at various different times.

      …or have you been living under a rock?

      You can’t be so oblivious to the world that you have completely missed all of it…have you?
      I find it hard to believe anyone can be that ignorant, but I am happy to be proved wrong.

    1. @Suresh.M Chanmugam, Hunter Biden’s laptop? Fox has destroyed even the two brain cells you had in your lil head. You love the CONfederates, don’t you?

    2. @Suresh.M Chanmugam Whose at MSNBC checking the comments. Looks like we democrats have taken residence in your head.

  2. Relax America, it may not be aesthetically all 100% pleasing but the adults have taken control of the room.

    1. @Howard Mulvihill Interesting. You seem to be avoiding me little lemming. Could you grow a spine pretty please?

    2. @No Name
      I’m pretty sure the idiot’s sitting in a bed bug ridden golf club in Florida. Praying he can keep Melania away from the pool boy while other idiots send him money

    3. @No Name ROTFFL>>>>>LOL>>>>We didn’t even throw fits like you all do. Like children wanting to take away the others candy…lol…………….well, we had to put up with 45 for 4 years..All he did was bring all the haters, & racists out of their holes..Shame…you know what I mean? I don’t think I have seen this much hate, like I have since 2016, right, right, it still lingers….will for a few decades to come. He made a mess & Mockery of ALL Americans..We didn’t have to have this many die did we?

  3. I missed this the first time Williams made this observation. Interesting bit of political anthropology.

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777
      Joe Biden is fit, gorgeous & competent. Throw in decent human too. He’s able to change it himself.

    2. @Terry Boot No Creepy Joe is Demented, and a shriveled up old walking corpse. Take that you birdbrain!

    3. @The Truth Is Out 777 Sounds like your trying to defend your abusive boyfriend. Well he was kicked out of The House. He lost get over it.

  4. Aside from the fact that Macron is much smarter than trump, he knows how to deal with insecure men and he played trump like a fine violin.

    1. @druu jenkins I’ll be generous and assume that your resentment has a legitimate basis because I believe that some percentage of those who supported and voted for trump did so because the policies and programs of our governments have failed to adapt to changing conditions in ways that provide opportunities that were available to many of those who came before (including me). Nevertheless, it is a fact that trump never cared one whit for you. He cared only for himself. Everything he did or did not do was for the sole reason that he believed it was in his political and/or financial interest. If it happened to benefit anyone else, great. If not, too bad. Even then, he is too stupid and too lazy to do the hard work to ensure that enough people,actually benefited. His mishandling of the pandemic and his actions post election laid bare his utter incompetence and complete lack of a moral core. It remains hard to believe we elected such a loathsome person.

  5. Hadn’t thought about Macron doing it to put him off balance. Love these slices of social history – keeps it light. Much needed.

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