1. Yes we need to hear from Cipollone because I heard that yesterday Hutchinson didn’t give the whole story of the limo ride back to the White House, I don’t know if it’s true but, people tell me that Trump told the Secret Service that if they didn’t take him to the Capitol he would hold his breath until he turned blue , then when that didn’t work he started kicking the seat and screamed on the top of his lungs, and the only way they could get him to stop was to promise him that they would get him some ice cream on the way back to the White House.

    1. @Enlightenment laptop???
      Oh, you mean the one the legally blind guy claims Hunter dropped off????

    2. Bit like this whole Jan 6th issue eh 🀣 instead let’s just hold a show and tell for anyone who doesn’t like Trump 🀑 🌎

  2. Donald Shelton. I am sad. Sadden by people like yourself that embrace chaos, lies, and corruption.
    I have other human emotions you lack, to name one is emotional intelligence. I would share with human emotions with you but you have your homework cut out researching Emotional Intelligence
    Have A Day .

  3. Un-ironically believing in American democracy, and especially believing it is at risk, is like a shorthand way of exclaiming to the world that you’re a young to middle-aged woman taking SSRIs

  4. The American Bar Association should make a determination on whether Cipollone has a right to say no since it is about legal matters.

    1. @Billy Goat So you are saying the Licensor has no authority over the licensee?? So the DMV is a joke to you??? Obviously you are not an American and more likely a russian troll πŸ’©πŸͺ°

  5. God (me, Blake7): “Going to be a long night due to consequences for refusal to upload memorial videos of dead fake gods on YouTube Trending”

  6. Some people still don’t understand that when you work for the White House, that is an American institution and you represent all Americans, not just the current inhabitant. Leave that to Rudy and the pillow guy.

  7. as a lawyer, I can say that her comments are admissable. They are not hearsay. She was there. Also she is under oath. Let’s talk more after the cowards speak under oath.

    1. Answering every question with “I overheard” and “something along the lines of” is now admissible? I can probably pull up a dozen cases in 2 minutes of judges, prosecutors and attorneys asking witnesses “something along the lines of? What does that mean? Do you remember? Did you take notes?”

    2. @Mike B She did say some things she directly heard: like her conversations with Mark Meadows. And the comment about people in the crowd having weapons, she said she heard directly. Those things can be verified through subpoena testimonies.

  8. *Trump made a statement! Watch the video you will be shocked* everydays.ml

    Mr.Paul – respect for you.

  9. In Lisichansk, about 5,000 Ukrainian troops remain in an operational encirclement. There is also a 5 km wide exit from the city.

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