‘This isn’t an isolated event’: How election lies hurt poll worker recruitment

Former US Representative Mia Love (R-UT) joins CNN’s Erin Burnett to discuss the emotional testimony of Georgia election worker Shaye Freeman Moss and how former President Donald Trump’s election lies made it harder to recruit essential election workers. CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig, CNN senior political analyst John Avlon and former Obama adviser David Axelrod then participate in a panel with Love to talk about the takeaways from today’s January 6 hearing. #January6 #CNN #News


  1. When an ammo company sells to the fed…ie; the IRS……We should boycot that company. No one buy ammo from them. What the hell does the irs need close to 1 million rounds of ammo for?????

    1. @Cold Beer There is hope for even them by reminding them to:
      “Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out.” Acts 3:19

    2. @1TalldrinkH2O Most people get “Repent” wrong. Repent means turning away. Turning away is a process which requires acknowledgement, tries (with many failers) and help through friends and prayers.

  2. The idea that it would be hard to fill poll working jobs when you have Teachers Unions who dominate and control the polls all over the country is absurd.

    1. @Tavat There is nothing criptic about the post. If you need your hand held and educated well thats not my problem. Teachers and Teachers Unions control polling centers and Election Days. Keep up skippy. Follow the ball

  3. The tragic flaw of the human race is, when we run out of facts we resort to beliefs. Per Fred Nietzsche: “Belief means not wanting to know what the truth is.

    1. Another tragic flaw is we want so badly to believe our side of the story that we refuse to believe actual video and audio tape that proves our side is wrong.

  4. Oh so only lawyers are “smart people”? No wonder your network has lost all credibility 🤣


    1. @Justice Forall Im not American and I do my own homework. No one here will be able to change anyone’s mind. The only way to find the truth is by checking and cross-checking.

    2. You can be confident, and still be wrong. Not saying you’re wrong, you actually have a very good point, but it is possible to be confident and wrong. Just as possible to be unsure and right.

  6. I would say something but sometimes silence works too tbh didn’t really think this would be a huge issue

  7. Dear miss Moss, there’s actually a place for you and your family in the Netherlands!

    The fact that you are unsafe in the US due to the actions from government sides, will ensure you the right for actual asylum in our country!

    If you have had enough of the madness, you’ll be welcome here!
    Be safe, be happy, be healthy…. You have a right to that!
    Much love!

  8. haha perhaps allow poll watchers to actually watch and don’t put cardboard boxes over the windows? perhaps don’t stop counting at 4am across multiple swing states?

  9. We need all us patriots who cherish our democracy! To step up and become election workers! I have faith justice matters to all of us.

  10. I remember at the polls in California there was workers separating republican voters in one line and democrats in another line. that way they could send one parties votes and get rid of the other parties votes.

  11. “When a man lies he murders some part of the world.” – “Merlin” in the movie, “Excalibur” – The film may be fiction (based on actual, historical & legendary figures), but the statement clearly still holds true today.

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