This One Reform Can Change Policing Forever

One of the strongest rules that shields police from accountability and ever facing public trials was literally “made up” by judges, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber explains in this Special Report, and it can be abolished by Congress or states. Melber traces the odd legal history of this police “immunity” rule; how it operates to prevent even basic civil trials for victims of alleged police brutality; and why it’s become a key flash point in the Congressional battle over the George Floyd Act.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. If police are immune from prosecution, we are a police state. We must all be equal under the law.

    1. As I love to say under videos like this, “Welcome to the Police State of America” 🥱

    2. Remember Hitler reformed the police too. To have become the worst thing in our history and dont even realize it. Welcome to the Dparty

    3. “If police officers were to be immune from prosecution or punishment, this country would become a police state. Every human shall be judged equally under the law.”

  2. Not as much “shoot first, think later” as it is “shoot first, then forget about it” since there almost never are any consequences.

    1. The same group who preach “personal responsibility” when it’s addressing the poor. Mitch, PLEASE!

  3. How do they find so many psychos to abuse all of citizens like they do? I tried to do something about this abuse at a local level, and have PAID FOR IT EVER SINCE IN DAILY ABUSE, FALSE ARRESTS AND HARASSMENT! There’s not much people can do, short of suing when there is death or major injury

    1. Every office that’s voted on. If they don’t support you on this campaign to vote them out. If you don’t have time to volunteer. Give money to organizations that fight for you

    2. It’s the politicized “tough on crime” agenda, which snowballed into its own institution.

  4. Here’s a thought: Let’s not cuff suspects and lay them on their stomachs to watch them die of asphyxiation.

    1. @MrSnicker14 hey how about instead of blaming the victim you think about how UNJUST qualified immunity is.

      If an officer commits a crime they should be held accountable. The police are civil servants not executioners. If you take your tongue off the police boots you might be able to see clearly.

    2. @MrSnicker14 You can always tell who didn’t invest their precious time to comprehend the story because their asinine comments are unrelated. No worries~you’ll get yours.

    1. The same applies all over doesn’t it… corporate America is the exact same as well. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️😱

  5. Anyone with a brain knows if you do your job right a person does not have to worry about being held to a fire !

  6. Thank you Ari! This is such an important issue. Because of the disgusting GOP, We may have to accept a compromise that the department can be sued, but not the individual officer. Even that would help as departments might not be so thrilled to make payouts and maybe they’ll start disciplining officers for bullying people before the officer does something so outrageous someone is injured or killed.

    1. But if police departments have to pay, it still means the taxpayers will foot the bill, so there will be no deterrence for police misconduct. We need laws requiring cops, police departments, and police unions to carry liability insurance, just like doctors carry malpractice insurance. Instead of taxpayers paying for police misconduct, insurance companies will have to pay. Bad cops will be uninsurable and unemployable as cops.

  7. This is fantastic but how about we shed the spotlight on H.R. and the selection process. To many criminals are joining their ranks.

  8. Thanks Ari, good story, surprised fact finding isnt in the constitution, how else can you find truth. For those who have been through the system, there is no justice when judges are complicit in preventing fact finding.

  9. Bad cop gets fired, he goes by HR, picks up his personnel file and moves on to the next county or state.. need for that to stop too

  10. There’s no other job you can get that you won’t be held liable for hurting someone … Doctor . Chef . Lawyer . Even Dentists can be charged with malpractice

  11. As a teenager I thought I grasped the meaning in RATMs lyrics but as an adult I truly understand them.

  12. Scrap police immunity and make them all get insurance like I have to buy so I can work. I guarantee that if you are personally liable for your mistakes you do everything you can to make sure you dont make mistakes, if someone else pays for your mistakes there is zero effort made to stop mistakes.

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