This simple move could lead to less meetings on your calendar

In this week’s “Nightcap,” The New York Times reporter Mike Isaac evaluates Elon Musk’s first 100 days at Twitter. Curbed writer Alissa Walker explains the issue with EVs getting bigger. And UNC Charlotte professor Steven Rogelberg explains to CNN's Jon Sarlin how to combat the trend of too many meetings. To get the day’s business headlines sent directly to your inbox, sign up for the Nightcap newsletter.

00:00 – Welcome to "Nightcap"
00:30 – Elon's 100-day Twitter report card
06:09 – The macho EV arms race
10:27 – Meetings overload


  1. I have zero necessary “standing” meetings that are scheduled until the end of time; at least mine. The only meetings that have any worth are the ones that are scheduled for a specific purpose with a specific goal and are clearly defined in scope. All of the open weekely, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual meetings could have been an email.

  2. The ENTIRE city Council of East Hanover, New jersey has switched from Democrat to REPUBLICAN. They site many reason and democrats strong LURCH to the left.

  3. Meetings are like school?
    20-30 kids in class & the teacher only calls on a FEW even if others raise their hand

  4. 6:29 – “according to car makers our future is electric and GARGANTUAN…” LMAO that’s a good one, gonna have to use that. 🤣

  5. The most useful program on CNN, where the host is not acting like we are all tuning in to hear him editorialize!

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  6. Just say no. If I’m not a decision maker on the topic, I’m not attending the meeting. Send a report and I’ll read it, if it’s concise.

  7. 11:29 The voice is off in the same way those ‘fake’ videos of ‘newscasters’ are; makes me question the authenticity of the last clip. 🤷‍♀️

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