1. @SEEK THE TRUTH! As a seeker of truth, you’re far from it.
      See some Christian Prince videos on you tube if you want the truth, especially the truth about islam.

    2. On the next mass shooting don’t complain about guns. There not the problem. It’s people like you that don’t understand people will never stop committing inhumane violent crimes until they see what will happen to them. He didn’t grow he made his state more dangerous to live in.

  1. Just so I don’t have to go under every comment and say it. CNN has reported on the Ohio situation anyone saying otherwise is being dishonest at best and malicious at worst.

  2. President Josh Shapiro. I like the sound of that. We see this man who takes responsibility for his past and states what he believes.

    1. @kay armstrong I don’t know. But he’s probably not into putting government into a woman’s private medical health issues.

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker How about the baby’s healthcare and right to life. You call it an ‘issue’ but it’s a BABY. Fully formed and even sucking its thumb before 12 weeks.

  3. That’s just great. They were legally sentenced. The idea that you have moral objections is laughable.
    Who cares ??
    You don’t get to pick and choose which laws to enforce.
    If you can’t do your job, resign !

  4. It is a sign of great intelligence to admit being wrong when given better arguments/evidence than your own. Good for you and for the people of Pennsylvania.

    1. @Dario Vaccaro That’s probably not the answer she was hoping for. Yet, she’s asked it over and over and over on everyone’s comment here.

    2. @Dario Vaccaro So, you are saving a criminals life who has killed one or more people, but not to save the life of a Baby in the womb?????????

    3. @Luke_SkyWanker But no one will address it. Ok to let a KILLER live, but not to let a Baby live????? hmm…. I somehow don’t think God would approve.

  5. Gun down 17 kids in a high school and live in prison on taxpayers, getting high and watching TV. Abolish death penalty. I disagree.

  6. I really feel for Gov. Shapiro. We debated capital punishment when I was in school. That was in 1976 the year Capital Punishment was abolished in Canada.

  7. The state killing people doesn’t translate well with saying killing is wrong. Of course, war is murder too, but we’re a long long way from ending war. Statistics have proven in the past that the death penalty does not deter murder. In fact, in states with the death penalty, there are more murders. It seems as though we could consider this reality as enlightening.

  8. The death penalty isn’t what it use to be anyways, now it takes 20+ years to carry it out. May as well just do prison for life.

  9. Religious views should never play a part in government, period. Btw, most non-religious people are against the death penalty for purely rational reasons. That’s all that is needed to recognize that, as a civil society, we shouldn’t have government sanctioned murders. It’s not a punishment, it’s vengeance. Our laws aren’t about vengeance. One wrong execution is unacceptable.

  10. Wow, Jake is surprised that a Gov would keep the law about the death penalty..another fool who is okay with criminals giving the death penalty to innocent people.They both make me sick

  11. IMO carrying out the death penalty needs to be treated like carrying out jury duty – someone from the general population should be chosen at random to do it.

    After all, it’s hypocritical and cowardly to expect the state to execute someone on your behalf if you aren’t willing to do it yourself.

  12. Get the murderous criminals to feel the same and I’ll also give up the death penalty. Until then, let the IV death concoction flow through their veins. The criminal should have thought about their own death before killing their innocent victims. Defend the victims and not their murderers. Pathetic! Cheers!!

  13. Life in prison w/o possibility of parole is fine: Convictions are reversible in that case. Mistakes happen, but executions can’t be reversed.

  14. Why would you blindly follow 2000-3000 year old documents? That would be dumb.

    Anyway, good to abandon death penalty. Its based om primitive and prehistoric underbelly feelings. Irrational.

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