1. trump spokesman is celebrating because they didn’t mention trump’s name at the beginning of an investigation is one of the reasons trump is so delusional, they’re going to tell him what want’s to hear but not the rest.

    1. @Bitchslapper316 That one I am not too sure of. But, I imagine there isn’t anything illegal about it. I think it is the same idea as buying and selling based on upcoming legislation which hasn’t been made public. I do think it should be illegal though. It just isn’t at the moment.

    2. @adam The insider trading part isn’t illegal in congress but if your a corporate executive you can get decades on prison. It should be illegal though.

      The part that does seem illegal is getting offered early stock buy opinions in a company, buying the stock before it goes public then pushing legislation that ensures that company makes a lot of money. That could be considered bribery. Something shes done in the past. 60 minutes made a documentary about it over a decade ago.

    3. @Bitchslapper316 I could see how that could be considered bribery. But, that is a long way from an indictment. I do think there needs to be trading clamps put on members of Congress. Shady trading practices seem to be the only bipartisan thing Congress does.

    4. @Mark  you should bring your proof to the cops or the court, like Trump tried to do 60 times or so, claiming the election was stolen

  1. If he did nothing wrong, then let the special counsel see the phone ..perry keep saying he did nothing wrong ?? .

    1. @Warren Kelly Yeah except he denied asking for a pardon. For all you know that was completely made up. If he was a democrat you would be defending him right now. Pathetic.

  2. In my opinion the only time someone needs a pardon is because he may have broken the law or may have done something wrong.

    1. @Mark  Of course she should be open for questioning if it’s merited. That question really only applies to the party over country republicans.

    1. @Mark I don’t doubt you believe that. But, I also don’t think you can provide a credible source to back that statement up. Hence, my question. I am more than happy to be proven wrong though.

  3. No one is above the law. Not a congress person, Not a president, Not a former president. It should be that simple.

    1. @Mark insurrection is when you attack the US government, I know you have no actual education, but the state or county police, are the police, they are not actually elected government officials, they are hired as citizens that police

    2. @Mark insider trading is not legal, but Congress polices it’s self, so insider trading happens all the time with nobody every charged or even under examination

    3. @BlueAnons are Dumb
      maybe someone not so smart, hell I will even say stupid, but to educated people like a judge guess they said it was. That is why some people are already in prison for it.

  4. If you are allowed to get a pardon before being found guilty of breaking the law doesn’t that place you above the law? It makes no sense for someone to be given a pardon before breaking and being found guilty of a law.

  5. He’s a public employee (as was I). Everything utilizing public facilities (phone, computer, etc) or done on work time or in official capacity belongs to a degree to the taxpayer. If there’s evidence of criminality – seems he doesn’t deserve cover.

  6. Way to make PA proud, Scott Perry! With representatives like you in power, we are sure to remain a middling commonwealth. You really are looking out for the average Joe. No need to PA to succeed! Awesome.

  7. Something that wasn’t mentioned in this video is what was also included in the few pages,released. It actually states that (in so many words) others may be subject to prosecution/ indictment, whether they’re named or not, in this specific case. That means Trump 👍🏼 March/April is looking really good for accountability. Fani Willis is doing everything right & by the book. If she were to release anything now, it would give the bad guys a way out by claiming unfair persecution prior to trial. She knows exactly what she’s doing!

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