1. Too pity he didn’t ask the laquey if this Minsk talks are going to be as true and respectable as the last minsk agreement?

  2. the belarus leader didn’t know that putin was using convicts in his military? “i will find out this question soon” he says. WHAT?! how stupid are they

  3. there is no such thing as an independent mediation if he ignores and not recognize Ukraine side of the conflict. The American vs Russia talking point has become redundant

  4. So Belarus’s dictator lies as much as Russia’s dictator! Why should Ukraine negotiate for foreign invaders to leave their country? Save lives, save time and Russia release the POW and hostages and just leave Ukraine, leave Ukraine alone and don’t come back to Ukraine!!!!

  5. Why didn’t you ask Lukashenko if he was afraid of Vladimir Putin? Ask Lukashenko if he is afraid of being overthrown by his own people and strung up from a lamppost in Minsk? Everything Lukashenko says and does comes out of his fear of doing or not doing that which can save his own skin. For once… be a little brave, big man.

  6. After all the Russian bluster about Western tanks burning in Ukraine, this just goes to show how worried Putin really is…

  7. very good say Mr president, I hope it will become reality soon “two agressors and a peace loving president”

  8. I remember during the Vietnam war, judges wpuld give criminals the option of serving lengthy sentences or enlisting with the USMC for four years.

    1. They used to give that option to people that were facing small jail terms for relative minor things in the hopes a dash of the Army would straighten out their life ,worked for a couple folks I went to school with.

    2. @gun fisher It worked for a friend of mine as well. He was facing 12 years for boosting cars and running a chop shop. He survived the war and ended up owning a successful auto repair and body shop outside of Modesto CA.

  9. Lukashy wanting to do the peace talk between Putin and Zelensky? Come’on, doesn’t he even know what is the meaning of peace?

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