1. My daughter just had the worst experience with Air Canada too. She was waiting at the airport, only to get a notification saying her flight was cancelled. She came back the next day and her flight was changed several times after that. She has to ask for a refund too. Wish her luck.

    1. Well who told your daughter to travel? This issue has been all over the news for how long now? Just something she has to deal with and should’ve prepared herself for. Next time take a road trip or stay home.

    1. With soaring fuel costs? Not likely. Airlines have always had low profit margins. It’s an expensive business to run.

  2. Low lifes low in an organization will not move to help an ordinary person until they complain. That’s the nature of being low.

    One of life’s success strategies is develop an intolerable howl and abuse which will make the life of the deadened bureaucrat miserable.

    1. Neither Trudeau or any other politician had anything to do with this. It was Air Canada who was in the wrong. Try actually watching the clip before being so quick to pin the blame.

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