This teen fled Ukraine with a US citizen, but they were separated at the border

With her mother's permission, a 17-year-old escaped Ukraine with an American family friend. See why the pair was separated when they arrived at the US-Mexico border, and the journey it took to reunite after she was detained by US immigration.
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    1. Ukraine had great Universities too but your Government got them destroyed.
      Also She doesn’t need you caring about her education, her relatives would be more of a concern,
      Please invite them too and give them the stupid DEGREE of your Country as well

  1. A wonderful yet terrible yet could be so much worse a retired American…that had always seen our freedom as special yet all to often undercoated by so many Americans . My heart breaks for those that have lost their lives their families their homes their childhoods their innocents… I wish we could do more . Slava Ukraine … Please someone stop Putin… There is nothing good that will come of his hate ..

    1. Hope Your Heart Breaks For The Palestinian /American Journalist Shot By Israeli Soldiers Two Days Ago! That War On Civillans Has FULL U.S. Support!

    2. @Jasmine Bali No Thier Heart breaks only after being permitted from the white house , when and for whom is also decided by Thier Manipulators through this MEDIA.

  2. Focus on yourself is the best things you can do, focus on your goals and how to reach them! Don’t ruin your life!!

  3. Sounds like a reasonable process to screen to see if a miner is a victim of human trafficking. I am happy that they finally reunited, but it is quite reasonable that Lisa got screened. Oh, and by the way, I was also born and grew up in Ukraine.

    1. Is it really reasonable to hold a minor in prison-like conditions while that screening is done? If they’re being trafficked, they’re the victim already – why make it worse? If they’re coming legitimately, why punish them?

  4. I think it is important that minor children are screened to keep them out of the clutches of human traffickers.. It is a dangerous world out there for vulnerable people.

  5. That was silly, should have flown to Canada and cross the border there. They’re giving Ukrainians temporary residency status to live and work in Canada for 3 years. Even if she couldn’t cross the border into the US at the New York crossing she could’ve just driven across the border regularly to the girl until it was sorted out.

    1. I am canadian and I have no idea how Ukrainian refugees are vetted, but I sure hope we also have a screening process for minors. Would you feel the same if the person who wants to help was a man? Because women can be bad too.

  6. I’m a Brit who has signed up to host Ukrainian refugees. Our government has offered us £360 a month. Which is peanuts compared to what I could get for renting my room privately to non refugees.. So I expect my government to screen all Ukrainians before allowing them into my home ..Don’t panic background checks are being done on any Brit wanting to host ..

    1. 👋 i hope you’re safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness prosperity love and peace ❤️🕊️ all over the world 🙏🌍🌎
      I’m originally from California currently living in San Francisco and you where are you from if i may ask?.

  7. Screened for signs of human trafficking? There is nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to like it, but I’m certain actual trafficking victims wished they had kind of support. We ALL have to be sure these kids are not being sent to the cattle yard here. It sucks because she’s clearly in good hands, but I’d rather be safe than sorry in this situation.

  8. It’s insane how anyone can just walk through the border with Mexico and The Whole world knows it.

  9. Okay – screening for human trafficking of minors is a good thing (if not somewhat suspicious because I don’t think it’s very consistent – judging from other trafficking stories) but holding her for 21 days? In this day and age of technology? THAT is the most questionable action of the HHS operation IMO.

    1. I generally agree, but one does have to consider the fact that HHS has probably been overwhelmed by migrants and likely understaffed. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t make it better, but HHS probably does deserve a little slack. (Only a little, though.)

    2. @Spencer normally I’d agree about the overworked aspect, but I also was thinking about the fact that she spent most of that time at a HHS facility near the Bronx – at least it was near her sponsor so I guess it could have been worse

    3. @alanawinters    bear in mind, though, that they needed to vet the story and verify this woman (despite being a US Citizen) was truly given guardianship to escort this girl to the United States. Whether we want to admit it, innocent looking people with seemingly good intentions can sometimes harbor nefarious motives. HHS has a responsibility to ensure the safety of every child they come in contact with, if that child is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. After all, a typed and signed letter is far from conclusive proof that someone traveling with a minor, who they are not related to, is telling the truth about escorting that child on behalf of a parent. While I concur with the sentiment that they should have resolved this faster, I would be very concerned if they chose not to properly vet the story and the woman who was accompanying this unrelated minor.

  10. This seizure is very bad to do to a minor. I thought minors were supposed to be “protected” , not “locked up”

  11. Praise to the authorities for being so concerned about human trafficking. Too bad for the excessive 21days of inconvenience for the Ukrainian refugee, but 21 days of discomfort and inconvenience sure beats being in a war zone. Good luck to all !!

  12. Well it’s a happy ending. HHS did the right job. There are sickos in this world, it’s not just the Russian army/terrorists.

  13. Wow that is high-caliber insanity right there even though she has a written document stating that she is a temporary Guardian🤔

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