1. You can’t ever underestimate someone who is fighting for their love, their land, homes and freedoms. Stay Strong Ukraine.💪🇺🇸♥🇺🇦☮💙💛

    1. Firstly zelensky is not fighting for nothing other than destruction for Ukrainian
      You’re cnn troll I se you in every cnn video giving the same crap

    2. @I DON’T WANNA FIGHT WITH U what a bullsht. Do you know the exact population of our country and how much military reserves do we have? Around 1 mln are enlisted in the army rn and we are capable to mobilize around 5 mln. Btw, we dont have any mercs here. Only foreign volunteers which are a part of our Armed Forces.

  2. Russia attacked Ukraine which has a basic human right to act in self defense. People defending themselves from an unprovoked attack are not terrorists. Stay Strong Ukraine from the US. 💪🇺🇸♥🇺🇦☮💙💛

    1. How does a cowboy rule the world America is the reason for sponsoring terrorism in Ukraine with NATO Long live Putin what a great man

    2. @Tanjiro Turchinov (main Ukranian official at the time) said that they will start “anti terrorist operation” a week before Strelkov (Russian puppet) crossed Ukranian border and lead the already existing resistance. It was the western Ukraine that made a coup, eastern Ukraine and Crimea just said No to that

    3. @Yellow Tunes Nonsense 😂, a state that crushes a rebellion, a revolt, launches a police operation you call that a coup? 😂🤣😂🤡🤡🤡

    4. @Tanjiro nazis and billionaires in kiev staged a coup in Kiev in 2014, people in the east of Ukraine didn’t liked it, were protesting against it BEFORE Russia stepped in

  3. Chilling. It amazes me how the people being interviewed do not even flinch as many different types of munitions explode nearby.

  4. As a person from India, its weird to see Putin not being able to understand that he is giving NATO and Western military establishments a priceless gift: a real-time opportunity to test their latest weapons, weapons-systems and combat tactics, at no cost. Plus, the Ukranians are smart enough, and motivated enough, to put everything into practice, and to provide real-time feedback. This situation could not be fully replicated in any training context – how good is that! Unless Putin pulls the plug on this adventure now his military will be so strategically and tactically degraded that it will no longer exist as a viable military force for decades to come, if ever. Their incompetence is extraordinary.

    1. @Yourdeadmeat69 Some are current weapons but yes much is definitely limited or stripped down. It does show in a conventional war how out matched Russia would be against the US… let alone NATO. Their only true power is their massive nuclear arsenal.

    2. @James Murphy pretty much all nations involved in the war are seeing their weapon systems being field tested, war is the usual test of effectiveness

    1. @Dorkus Like I said, unfortunately I don’t own BAe systems. So what exactly would you have me personally do to to create armored divisions in Ukraine?

    2. @Dorkus Yeah afraid so. Do you by any chance know how to rustle up an armored division? Let me see that’s around 400 tanks at 10 million a pop then there’s the export licenses, so I’d need to get myself declared a nation state and persuade Germany to grant me one. Then there’s the training and the other mechanized infantry vehicles, the small arms, artillery, communications. Yeah no sorry, I don’t even have have around 20 billion Euros on me.

      You’re ridiculous. Dorkus indeed.

  5. I’m from Russia. All our lives we have been shown on TV that we are the strongest army in the world. And everyone believed the TV. Now I understand that everything is bad with us. I wish health to Ukraine.

    1. @Jean-Michel van Pruyssen What Gorbachev had to do with it? He was the first and last president of USSR which collapsed. First president of Russia was Eltsin. Eltsin stepped down in favor of Putin. So Gorbachev was from totally different era of a different country.

    2. @Felx jasson because NATO isnt able to invade ANYONE. It is a defensive alliance only… Read their contract. It’s openly available… It’s literaly impossible that NATO attacks anyone.

    3. People the US didn’t wish to destroy Afghanistan or Iraq we went after the Terrorists. We tried to build schools, electrical systems, hospitals and roads. We used smart bombs to limit the destruction and tried to engage the terrorists vs civilians. If the US military was to unleash its capabilities on Afghanistan or Iraq there would have been nothing to rebuild. We studied in war planning that the satellite countries that Russia absorb after WWII would not fight for them. We knew that Ukraine, Estonia, Gerogia and others would have aided NATO in a fight with Russia. You are seeing this anti Russia movement in this Ukraine war. Nuclear weapons have been the deterrent & its Russia only options. Their military equipment have away been inferior and their command structure questionable. A concern Veteran 🇺🇸🛰

    1. @🍓 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎 – SĘÉ NÓW ! do you ever take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what went wrong?

    2. Don’t you have anything new to say? You just keep copy/pasting the same thing and it seems you also took the comment from someone else.

  6. This is not young men MAKING the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This is young men BEING sacrificed for the legacy of one man.

    1. To Putin, the Russian people are just ammunition. Soldiers throw bullets at their enemies. Putin throws people at his enemies.

  7. Seeing people line up forbread like that just brougt tears in my eyes, I know what it’s like to starve. May God grat the people of Ukraine strength to win this war.

    1. Why god bless them? Didnt their government kill all opposition and ban all opposition? Then bomb donbass (ethnic russians) for 8 straight years after a color revolution? They seem bad

    2. @Dr.Pikachu what about when armed traitors try to burn down the capitol, like on Jan 6?? The POS’s are the hard right Trump supporters.

    1. @Levi Acker Russians may have had more success without Western aid for Ukraine. But they would never have been able to defeat and conquer Ukraine, even without Western support for Ukraine. Lack of Western support would have meant more civilian deaths only, more partisan warfare and a longer war. But the outcome would have been the same – an eventual Russian withdrawal.

      However, lack of Western aid would have told a story the West doesn’t want to tell, and which would also be an outright lie – that the West doesn’t care. The West _does_ care, about every tiny corner of the world, although not necessarily for purely idealistic and altruistic reasons. Western democracies thrive, socially, economically and politically, in a stable world governed by rules everybody abides too. Western societies suffer when there’s widespread war and closed up international trade. That’s why the West has a direct interest in Russia to loose badly in Ukraine. What Russia attempted, when it started the war, was not just to conquer Ukraine, but to prove to the whole world that the political system of past centuries, dominated by empires bullying their neighbors at will, without any reaction from the international community, is not dead. That’s something the West cannot tolerate.

      After Russia is defeated, nobody will attempt such a thing again. This should give some additional reassurance to Taiwan too.

  8. You are an inspiration to us all Ukraine. Courage beyond imagining . My heart aches for all the beautiful young people … on either side of a conflict that are forced to die for the insanity of ONE mealy mouthed man!

    1. I would encourage everyone to respond to the original post with a positive comment whenever they see these messages from obvious trolls.
      Every creature on earth has the right to defend itself against aggression. Even a rabbit will bite. Ukraine is no rabbit. Fight like a Ukranian.

    2. Not really but I’m going out of the country for my 😛🤪😜😜

    3. WRONG!!! Hardly ONE man …..

      It is estimated that 70-75%% of Russians support Putin and the atrocities/war crimes of his regime. Of the 20-25% remaining (comprising millions of people) just a few THOUSAND protesters came out (not hundreds of thousands, not millions …. just a few thousand) ….. so what, maybe less than 1% of Russians? The remaining 24% of the “silent opposition” are doing what they do best and have been doing for decades, staying silent, too afraid to fight for their rights (unlike the Ukrainians)…… and most don’t care about rights unless it affects them directly. So now that it directly affects the “silent opposition” what do they do??? …… what they have done best so far ….. flee instead of fight for their rights ….. cowards.

      The Russians running scared didn’t give a crap about the atrocities in Ukraine …. until now …. they should NOT be allowed in to Europe …. stay in your Russia and learn to fight for your rights

      Full respect to those about 1% of Russians who actually have courage and stay and protest.

  9. If Putin decided to carry out a general mobilization, which was last held in Russia in 1941, it can only mean one thing: Russia no longer has a professional, combat-ready army or modern equipment. Now in Russia they are starting to use tanks of the 50-60s of the last century. And yet we need more weapons to win this war. Thanks to the United States and all our allies for their invaluable assistance in this war.

    1. What were the geniuses at Youtube thinking
      when they removed the block user button ???
      Now I can’t I just easily block the entire Youtube user profile
      of these annoying bots. Instead I have to block each message they post !!
      This is extremely annoying.
      WRZ 2022-09-26

    2. @Bill Zardus come on Hillarys winning …GMO is good and doesn’t need labeled … the shot is safe ….. and unlike the US and Cuba Ukraine can host weapons on there soil for whoever… if they want …. Men can menstrate and women can knock them up ….also Liz Cheney is hot and the mother of all men. Sorry the staff at Youtube has chaffed my hide

  10. “This is the way any tyrant lives and rules. All their ruling sooner or later leads to inevitable war, after which there is no return point for them. They either have to win it to strengthen their ruling, or lose it all, including their lives…. ” Very short description of what it means to be a tyrant like: Hitler, Stalin, Assad, Qaddafi, Hussein Saddam, Putin

    1. cuz Ukraine has a honest government….. how come they only vote in Russian controlled areas of Ukraine though?

    2. @richard driscoll what are you talking about? Ukraine holds regular elections for parliament and the president. You can see the results of each election on the Internet. Zelensky won in every region including the Russian speaking ones. He is Russian speaking himself.

  11. I really feel for the people of Ukraine, this is the start of the fall for all dictator-ruled regimes. Thank you brave Ukrainien people and soldiers.

  12. Those Ukrainian grandmothers look like the NICEST possible people. I’m heartbroken for them, their homes, and their families 💔❤️‍🩹 forever with you, from US

    1. @Наталья из Ярославля не пукай там, Наташка. Бабушки с Донбасса на протяжении последних 8 лет получали двойную пенсию, как украинскую, так и российскую и не жаловались. Никто никого не ущемлял.

    2. @Gleb Benia Вы всё только деньгами меряете? 😏 Чужие деньги считаете? 😏

    3. @Наталья из Ярославля мне не нужны чужие деньги. Я, констатирую факт. С 2015 по февраль 2022 года, все жили спокойно и мирно, включая граждан проживающих на аннексированных территориях. Они свободно заезжали к нам, получали здесь выплаты, кто хотел – становился перемещённым лицом, получал пособия и всю необходимую помощь. Так что сказки про “Дамбили Бамбас 8 лет”, оставьте своим товарищам. Американцы и Европейцы знают всю правду. Поэтому и помогают нам. Они знали ещё с сентября прошлого года, что Россия готовится к нападению на Украину.

    4. @Gleb Benia Ну и чудненько. Живите дальше в своей сказке с американцами👍

    5. @Наталья из Ярославля Donbass is part of Ukraine as well, so I am sure they would since they mentioned Ukrainian grandmothers

  13. Love Ben Wedeman ‘s style of reporting. It allows me to relate what’s happening where he is to the people who have to suffer through it.

  14. Do what you have to do Ukrainian. Ukraine is yours, joy will comes in the end. Someone have to get the job done. It’s not easy and I know it never will be. In life there is always a price we have to pay. Are you willing. I know you can because, l heard great things happening. Stay strong and United for your just cause. God be with the Ukrainian and their country Ukraine.

  15. Nothing but love and absolute respect for the Ukainrians. Your resilience and determination has caught the eye of the entire world, and we are watching, we are supporting. Keep fighting guys! You WILL defeat this evil, sorry excuse of a man.

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