'This was expected': Analyst says Haitian president was deeply unpopular, warns of civil war 1

‘This was expected’: Analyst says Haitian president was deeply unpopular, warns of civil war


Francois Pierre-Lois explains the political turmoil in Haiti, saying the assassination 'was expected' as the president was deeply unpopular.

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    1. @Skip The Hassle ya wrong there bro just say that no right wing leader is popular during the early days of the pandemic

    1. President Jovenel was fighting the roots of corruptions in Haiti and it cost him his life.

    2. @Michaelle Vincent That’s what it looks like. This dude here is angry about him “ridiculing the opposition”. That’s what leaders do.

    3. I’m glad you guys are smart and see what’s really happening now. This guy is a whack job

  1. It looks like he was reading or being coaxed-he looks uncomfortable…why does he keep looking up to the right?

  2. Many of the business owners are corrupt like let’s be real every notable one worth mentioning

  3. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  4. Jovenel wasn’t hate by the nation but the ones around him, those who couldn’t steal from the government’s wallet anymore. Point barre.

  5. How is it that after the billions of dollars in Aid that Haiti has received, it doesn’t have a hospital and doctors skilled enough to take care of a gunshot wound? Just wondering.

    1. It does though. Moïse actually financed a hospital for Covid, where my dad was admitted

  6. Probably Arkinsized for knowing just a little too much about the goings on of a certain foundation…just saying!

  7. mafya se pou ta vini di la restavek boujoi,president jovenel mouri men ide li yo pap janm mouri

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