Thousands of residents are out of their homes as the Apple wildfire rages in Southern California

Close to 8,000 people have fled their homes as the Apple fire burns out of control and destroys land and buildings in a county east of Los Angeles.
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    1. Apparently in California each fire is named for where it started. Apple Valley, CA. It’s for reference by firefighters should more than one break out in another location. I guess its hurricane envy… 😉

    2. It’s named after the street where it started. More than one newscaster incorrectly referred to it as Apple Valley which is a distance away. My in-laws live extremely close to where it started and a barn across the street from them and a home a few thousand feet away both burned. Their house and animals stayed safe.

  1. Why does it feel like america is being brought to its knees. It definitely cannot handle this right now

    1. @GourmetGilda we don’t appear to have had any morals for for quite awhile looking at our actual history

    2. @Theron Ash Lol..what? What a stupid comment. Equivalent to the playground “I’m rubber, your glue..” nonsense.

    1. Hi watch d utch too Still think there is something else but i do agree with you its my gut!! and its never wrong , n it wont go away ( THE, persistant— we are missing something thought ) keeps me looking into not just 1 but multiple reasons and contributing factors

  2. UPDATE: over 20,500 acres gone!!! Estimate to be 100,000 acres!! Almost 10,000 residents evacuated..but with Coronavirus active, some sleep in their vehicles!!

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