Thousands of Students still Unaccounted for - MOE | TVJ News - Oct 12 2021 1

Thousands of Students still Unaccounted for – MOE | TVJ News – Oct 12 2021


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  1. Maybe because they don’t have school supplies, like an electronic device, which is a big problem, mothers are still asking for help with electronic devices, Government assist is not helping to come up with what the government does cover in cost, when someone is not working. Until Andrew supplies an electronic device to every poor families they wont be in school and it’s embarrassing for some who can not help themself and need food on the table

  2. TVJ please investigate FLOW who is contributing to many students not being online.
    For weeks without service and they only tell lies that it’s being dealt with. When the data is purchased it is not as effective as the wifi. It is not that many of these students are not trying to be online but the providers.. especially Flow Is a hindering the process.
    OUR needs to investigate ASAP

  3. You are without service yet Flow is billing you for the month.
    Every day they tell you that they see that the report has been made and it will be expedited yet only empty promises. They keep running around as headless chickens.
    Ministry of Education, you need to hold the providers of internet services accountable as well.

  4. With all of what’s happening I do hope and pray that we’ll still have great lawyers , doctors , teachers , engineers , politicians and the whole works for the next generation

  5. What does this clip has to do with unvaccinated? This seems to be dealing with a much larger issue of which neither the MOH nor the MOE have a clue to what they are doing. Stop hindering the children’s education.

  6. Flow and Digicel should have been contacted to have Internet connection up and running all across Jamaica since we realise how covid19 is acting. This issue would have been almost fully resolved

  7. Waiting patiently on the education mandateor is it education policy?? There really is no plan for the children. NONE… the nation has failed the children.

  8. We talking about internet service and mobile devices when many of our children do not have ELECTRICITY in their homes!! Is this a joke??

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