Threat of Russian invasion in Canada’s North ‘very low’ but that could change: Defence chief

Canada’s chief of the defence staff Gen. Wayne Eyre says while the threat of a Russian invasion in Canada’s North is “very low” that might change in the decades to come.

Pressure is mounting on the federal government to formulate an Arctic strategy and make building up military force in the North a priority, since Russia’s unprovoked incursion of Ukraine.

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    1. Thankfully, Canadians can make better-use out of outdated tech than most countries can with cutting edge tech.

  1. Build missile defense system facing the east and drones that may emit sonars and can detect nuclear submarines..

    1. We don’t even have bullets for our guns lol under 20k soldiers. A third world country could take Canada if nato didn’t protect it

  2. What on Earth is he talking about !!
    They are already sailing through the North West Passage without permission !!

    1. I came here to say this. Meanwhile we essentially have and continue to spend money on what is pretty much a freshwater navy that cant fully operate in the Arctic. Forget the sub fiasco… we dont even have proper Ice breakers yet!

  3. TBH, Ottawa is justified to be concerned with a Russian invasion. All Putin has to do is land 500 transport trucks and drivers in BC or Labrador. No one will stop them from driving to Ottawa, and just from that, Trudeau and the Canadian federal government would collapse.

    1. That’s really funny. If only there was any truth to it. See what you’ve actually done is shown how free the freedumb convoy was. They were allowed and permitted to pass by many CAF facilities, with no intervention despite all the capacity to do so. The convoy and blockaders were allowed to do what they did. The CAF was deliberately not called because it’s not their role. Great job defeating your own argument though

  4. We have been talking about doing something in the arctic for as long as I can remember, and I’m 80.

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