1. As time goes on you get the feeling Putin really wasn’t expecting a fight, and his troops aren’t up to the reality of Ukraine’s defiance.

    1. do you think you will scare the Russians with this? You only make them angrier, you’re watching the history of Russia! 33 million Russians were killed in the Second World War, and do you think that stopped them? You are naive.

    2. @Diocre I’m watching video after video of the Russian army getting blown up … everyday it’s more videos of burning tanks with Z on them. It’s sad. Captured Russian soldiers calling their mothers and saying they didn’t even know they were in Ukraine. Putins “army” is looting stores for food and vodka. This is going very badly for Putin and I have a feeling he might be assassinated.

    3. @Dem DRIVE I’ve been trying to say essentially the same thing. Americans are brainwashed to hate too. If we would mind our own business as individuals and a country, we would hate a lot fewer people and fewer people would hate us.

      Many wars the population feels we are justified but that’s because they are only told bad things about the enemy or lies about the enemy. Often the attacking government is just as guilty as the defending. The enemy country and civilians are demonized to the point people see them as evil subhumans and wish for their death.

      People in America do the same thing with convicted criminals and even those just accused standing trial. They have hatred for a person they have never encountered because a lcd screen and a speaker said they did bad things.

      I am not saying we should support that kind of behavior or wish for justice but we have to think rationally. Soon as emotions get involved rational thought is gone.

      Sadam, Putin, and ghidafi have never victimized me. I have no emotional attachment to if they live or die. That allows me to logically think. Logical thinking allows me to see all of the bs I am told by media outlets I have no reason to trust anyways.

      This is the whole reason Putin is allowed to retain power and lie to his people. He plays on their emotions and resentments. The people will even believe the state run news channel over family in Ukraine that is seeing the stuff first hand. Americans who let emotions cloud their thinking are every bit as bad as any Russian supporting Putin. It’s absurd to think all Putin supporters are evil. They are likely people just trying to get by that don’t know how to block out the bs

    1. @BreakFix what did they win?” What do you think your going to to get? The Ukrainians will except a russian puppet leader. So what’s the end game for your dictator. I would like to hear this.

    2. @Jake Baker a picture is worth a thousand words. you have to tell people to not judge a book by it’s cover. people don’t buy coca cola because it’s nutritious. They do it because of the ads. Politicians smile for pictures because nobody votes for strangers. you will never understand human behaviour.

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