Three Fired Officers Appear In Court In Floyd Case | MSNBC

As three of the fired officers appear in court, attorneys for two, charged with aiding and abetting murder, claim the men tried to express concern during Floyd’s arrest. Prosecutors say that is not good enough. Steve Patterson reports from Minneapolis. Aired on 06/05/2020.
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Three Fired Officers Appear In Court In Floyd Case | MSNBC


  1. Don’t let this happen again. Vote for officials that will systematically destroy this systemic problem.

    1. @Bad Bird
      Funny how Ebola didn’t shut your country down and a “flu” did. Funny how this scale of rioting didn’t happen before this moron became president 🤔

    2. Jill Genrich don’t you remember Ferguson burning and Baltimore burning ? how quick we forget . But this is just Democratic’s showing the world how big of losers they are that they can tear up city’s across the country. Even Britain and Australia are talking about how the Democrats are losers

    3. @Bad Bird
      I am Australian dickhead and everyone i know are only talking about how donald is a complete f”*king moron!!

    4. @Bad Bird You really love bunkerboy don`t you, the fat orange bunkerboy.
      The whole world is talking about that little bunkeboy of yours, talking about how stupid he is 😛 Hahaha

    1. @Uncle Ed
      Their pinkish red there are no white people I’ve never seen anyone the color of a piece of paper walking around

  2. No excuses… they fail to have common sense. They failed to take action. Instead of pushing the officer off Floyd neck they just sat there and watched him die.

    1. The police force is much like a military force, and they run on “chain of command” structure. Also we do not know if they were OJT (on the job training) with the responsibility resting solely on the senior member.

    2. Those 2 were literally “sitting” on Floyd ….one on his upper back (which contributed to his death as well) and the another on his legs. While Chauvin was on his head and neck. They were riding him like a big mechanical bull.

    1. I am really get sick of tired of hearing the protest riots china flu on the news..
      I didn’t watch the memorial of this guy…the media is milking this all it’s worth to incite riots for ratings

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      Funny, i rarely hear about COVID anymore but i am Australian and don’t have a complete moron as a leader

    3. @Bad Bird Are you saying you can’t weigh in on the morality of an action unless you were physically present? You are quite the dum fuq aren’t you?

  3. Derek cannot believe he is being held accountable. This is not his first time abusing his position but this time was his last thanks to witnesses and cameras.

    1. You could see on his face as he murdered this man, “I’m a cop. I do whatever I want. Like I always do.”

    2. And all under democratic watch…. We all know they don’t care about blacks as much as blacks don’t care about blacks.

    3. Another set up as part of a bigger plan? I find it hard to believe these officers didn’t know better…

  4. Police REFORM and training needs to happen across the country.
    This is not unifying our country. Our Governing is systematically flawed.

  5. The FACT is both those “cops” started off being dirty days on the Job! Instead of asking as they claimed why not get off his torso&legs? Throw away the key 🙄

    1. Thanks for showing me a different perspective bam. I guess when I listened to that report I kind of assumed that the other three, being so new, must have been struggling with a huge moral dilemma and freaking out inside. It had never occurred to me that their “brothers” would already have broken them and made them dirty before they even got on the job. I believe it though.

    2. Those cops are totally innocent now. They will have the law come judge them. George died totally innocent.

    3. @Ali B I’m thinking maybe that is true too. That one looks like he wasn’t that cold hearted just yet. A tiny peice of his moral fiber was still there.

  6. They could’ve expressed all the concern they want the fact is they didn’t try to stop it their all responsible

    1. Exactly you don’t have to be a genius to know someone’s knee shouldn’t be on a human neck for mins. There’s no way they could have become cops without learning about what is and isn’t protocol. Should have paid attention in class

    2. They are afraid of Chauvin probably because he has clout in the union. But no reason to stand there and watch a man die.

    3. Exactly, they try to change the narrative, but it won’t happen this time. The people won’t let that happen

    4. You’re wrong! Officer Lane did try to urge the senior officer to turn Mr. Floyd on his side to prevent suffocation. Protocol. The senior officer did not comply.

      And officer Lane tried to give cpr and revive the suspect.

      He followed proceedure and won’t be suffering prison time. What was he to do shoot a fellow officer? He’d then be charged with murder and all doctors stressing Floyd wasn’t in danger.

      Lane is going to be free. He’ll also return to the police force. He follows the rules.

    1. They go home to the wife. How was your first day honey? it was my last i’ll be away for the next 40 years

    1. @Freedom & Liberty Bot
      But chris watts chris coleman and michael j ireland knew what they know right I hope your father’s name is added to this list and believe me I can write the names of males and females like these three for the rest of the year!
      P. S. Check out mike and his late wife april’s facebook pages both are still up oh yeah mikey took care of the family 🐕 also!😉

    1. What a way to start a career! Ending up in prison because too afraid to question a veteran officer’s actions. I agree with Conti. I feel bad for those 2.

  7. Of course they tried to ‘reason’ with Chauvin, while their knees were on Floyd’s back and legs. All it took was one of them to say ‘that’s enough, get tf off his neck.’ But guess what, they didn’t.

    1. @Andy P Fair enough. But if you will invoke history, remember that you would be speaking german now, if you existed at all, if not for any one of the “big three” in WW2, which were Russia, Britain, and the USA.

    2. Doug Robbins – I’m British and my grandfather served in the RN. You guys only fought Hitler because he declared war on the US.
      And the US might well be speaking German if the British hadn’t resisted the Nazis. The US would definitely be speaking German if the Russians had lost against Germany.

    3. @Andy P I’m not american. The nonsense you wrote proves you know little of history.
      Of course the US might be speaking german if the brits hadn’t resisted, I said as much in my first comment. Without any of the three, the war was most certainly lost.
      Work on your reading comprehension, you aren’t making any sense.
      The alliance between Roosevelt and Churchill was a fortunate one, and their motives, and their success go far beyond anything you could grasp.

    4. Doug Robbins – I’m sorry I misread your comment as an insinuation that I was not one of the big three nations. How you made a jump from an observation about the US penchant for following rules to WWII is obviously so brilliant I can’t see any sense in it all. Perhaps if your structured your point as a valid argument it would be easier for other people to understand?

    5. Vincent Conti actually while nursing I saw many people die. You can certainly tell when they do. The muscles change. The person looks and feels different immediately. You certainly couldn’t not notice respiratory arrest. The respiration’s, pulse would initially increase and then fade away. The life literally slipping out of him.

    1. True words
      They were more concerned about their job mean trouble they will get by standing up to a superior than the life of another human

  8. Being a rookie is not an alibi for watching a murder take place inches from your face.

    1. There’s pressure at your new job? Your new job is you murder people? You QUIT! RIGHT THERE! YOU STOP THE MURDER!! THEN YOU QUIT!!

    2. @R S, I agree but because they went along with the killing it was just a matter of time before they would be killing citizens also. The cops, some other ones, pushed an elderly man, 75, to the ground and cracked his skull. If he dies, that’s another murder by cops.

    1. … if you don’t know most police forces are filled with luddite morons I don’t know what to tell you. The bulk of them are mouth breathing simpletons.

  9. Since when any one needs “Human Training”
    “Rookie” does not mean Inhuman.
    Civilians without “Human Training” were asking to let him Breath!
    #TrumpVirus #RepublicanPandemic

  10. They were kneeling on the man, all three officers,and one was standing, how does this make any of them innocent?

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