Three Years Into Office, Where Is Trump’s Domestic Policy Agenda? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Three Years Into Office, Where Is Trump's Domestic Policy Agenda? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


The Washington Post's Philip Rucker looks at what, if anything, has been accomplished when it comes to domestic policy by Trump's administration. Aired on 02/14/20.
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Three Years Into Office, Where Is Trump's Domestic Policy Agenda? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

34 Comments on "Three Years Into Office, Where Is Trump’s Domestic Policy Agenda? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Isaac Williams | February 15, 2020 at 1:17 AM | Reply

    Trump should lose this presidential election! We need to help America!

    • What do you call record stock market, record unemployment and record highs in the economy you big dummy?!

    • @bulldog Brown Right, I too miss all of that when Obama was around. 2019 seen a 2.1 GDP growth, the lowest in 16 years. Trump himself has said more than once, any POTUS that gets less than 4% growth doesn’t deserve to be POTUS.

      Trump’s best job numbers still haven’t matched Obama’s worst job numbers.

      Trump also had to raise the debt ceiling adding $1 trillion to our deficit, the same amount that Obama added over 8 years while digging us out of a recession.

      Trump’s economy isn’t as strong as Obama’s was, which is why it blows my mind anything one of Trump’s cult followers attempts to point out the economy. If the Economy was really your motivator, you’d have been cheering Obama on.

      Can you please provide links to anything Trump has done better in regards tot he economy? Every time Trump claims ‘it’s the best’, fact checkers come along and put prior stats up and blows holes in Trump’s claims.

  2. Kerri Grandmaison | February 15, 2020 at 1:32 AM | Reply

    Trumps domestic policy. Deregulate clean water

  3. I personally believe there is much more behind all the covering ups. conspiracy? yeah might be, but the republicans and trump* offer reasons for that. no trumo taxes seen yet. barr somehow tied to epstein. mitchs wife etc etc. what we get to know is only the tip of the iceberg. and to me it looks like they (repubs and trump*) have a huge lot to hide. a giant huge lot. a mega giant huge.

  4. Donna McDonald | February 15, 2020 at 1:55 AM | Reply

    Trump never full up all his cabinet seat and postion and can’t work his umbrella when the wind is blowing and you real thought that he could have a Domestic policy ?.

    • I like that period after the question mark. Naww, your not Russian 😅😅😅. Everything about the left has become fake. Even its supporters

  5. The rich got their tax cuts and the deficit is exploding. Thats trump’s domestic agenda and consequences right there.

  6. Trump has no Domestic Policy. Trump has no Foreign Policy. Every decision he makes comes from his severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder. Probably inherited at birth.

    • Is that what fake news said. Why dont you call avannati back😅😅. Geez its in your face obvious people. Are you really this ignorant?

  7. ..Trump knows he can steal the election…with the support of the Senate…so he will…and the only thing in his way is Bill Barr

  8. Trump’s only agenda is to stuff his pockets and play golf… corruption across the board

  9. Infrastructure!?….spent it all on botox, tanning and hair pieces.

  10. Trump’s domestic policy is Marshal Law.

  11. So far Trump’s domestic agenda has mainly been to deregulate America into greater and greater pollution in order to accelerate the climate crisis. This, of course, has global ramifications, so you could also count it as foreign policy too.

  12. Reminds me of Gladiator…after the son kills the father he goes back to Rome and has celebration after celebration to try and win over the people and distract them from his corruption.

  13. Lynette Patton | February 15, 2020 at 6:42 AM | Reply

    Trump uses office to boost celebrity exposure and line his pockets and give daughter policy 101 internship.. while brothers spout off about being ‘triggered.’

  14. Its in the toilet with everything else he has touched.

  15. Domestic policy, transfer our tax dollars to their 1% owners. Use the 1% controlled republican senate, to install corporate friendly judges and ending our form of Democracy.

  16. We The People! United We Stand! Divided We Fall! Enough Is Enough! President Trump Is Not Above The Law! Our Constitution And Democracy Is Being Rewritten And Broken By Donald J. Trump And His Trumpies!

  17. Trumps agenda: 🤐😂😜🤨🤢🤫

  18. 3 years of corrupt lies.

  19. If Stone got a heavy sentence and got pardoned by Trump. What would judges do if this going to be the norm if a POTUS intervenes on a passed sentence by judiciary?

  20. His agenda is simple: Get a second term so the grand jury indictments against him in the SDNY expire. If he loses the election, he knows perfectly well he’s going to prison shortly after leaving the WH

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