Trump’s DOJ Drops McCabe Case, Will Have Flynn Case Investigated | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With Trump's influence in question, A.G. Barr's Justice Dept. is having the case against Michael Flynn investigated & the case against Andrew McCabe dropped. Aired on 02/14/20.
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Trump's DOJ Drops McCabe Case, Will Have Flynn Case Investigated | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Rodger Morrison Cohen ? Stone ? Papadopoulos ? Flynn ? the only one that was guilty of crimes before he was in the campaign was Manafort. All the others were working for trump or part of the trump campaign.

      See, you do not debate, you just try to throw Fox news talking points which have nothing to do of what I was saying.

      What about the attack on democratic institutions, what about America popularity accross the world dropping below Iraq war levels ?.

      You are fine in being governed by an authocrat as lon as it is your own authocrat. Remember that you may hate the next one.

    2. & donate to those running against the senate republicans!! & vote for them if you can. flip the house & remove donnie the dictator!!

    1. @Alan Childs is that it a snowflake? But still tougher than any of you right-wing bigots.不不不不不不不不不不

    2. Alan Childs who are you to call anyone snowflake. If you support the ultimate coward and schoolyard bully Trump then I contend the snowflakes are Trump, Barr, Stone, McConnell, Graham and yourself hiding behind a lack of understanding of the constitution.

  1. I thought cases were partitioned off from each other ??..Guess that’s why we don’t have beheading then..Just Sayin’ !!

  2. The vindictive sadist wanted to see Mr. McCabe and his family squirm, and it appears that they thought two years of squirming would be enough to teach him a lesson.

    1. @Printagic Online Your diatribe is a lie… There was never a grand jury on McCabe…. Beside that, there IS a sealed indictment on him on Durhams desk… Same for Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Page, HRC, Clinton Foundation, Obama… etc. Since McCain and GHWB took one for the team already, they will not be included …

    2. @Mike Rutherford .. It’s coming within 45 days.. A whole lot is changing… The misinformation on MSNBS is already expected, but many people are waking up … It is time to fight back… and listen to the leftists whine, when Trump does exactly that.. They have had him cornered, in their minds, for three years, and now that he does ANYTHING, he is criticized. Well, the left neverr changes. They are reprobate..

  3. Your nation is turning into a banana republic, in record time.
    And the banana republic is going totally bananas…

  4. And all this time hes been free awaiting sentencing! Now at the 11th hour, Trump wants to have his case reviewed? Oh thats right, Republicans thought hed learn a lesson, and not do any further wrong doing?

    1. Funny how Flynn was investigated at the beginning of the Mueller Probe and at that time Flynn saw all the evidence against both him and Trump so he cooperated and plead guilty. ….. BUT THEN……. Along comes Bill Barr as Atty. Gen. and now it’s…….. WAIT A MINUTE ….. I want to change my plea. ……. Yeah there’s no corruption here, What ya talkin about this is the “PERFECT CALL”!……… BLUE TSUNAMI IN 2020.

    1. @Riven burg You “Think” nothing. You FEEL proud of a criminal moron because it makes you FEEL good about your own limited intelligence.

  5. If what trump says drives you nuts, just imagine he’s talking about himself because he is. He projects.

    1. Painting Animals On Rocks
      and that’s why we laugh at 45.. bit sad for the Peoples.. stuck with that turd till November 3rd

    2. @autumn rain if he does not win Nov 3, we still have him till January 20. Think on it. And if you think he is a terror now……..

    3. When we can no longer sort out our differences with elections, we will sort them out with warfare… Get ready for Civil War II, because that’s where we are headed…

    1. It’s a dual assault. Whilst the Trump administration launches its noisyassault on the rule of law, in the background the GoP have been quietly undermining democracy via gerrymandering, voter suppression and the appointment ofconservative judges.

      The American people need to WAKE UP!!!

  6. The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution
    of those determined to be free.
    – John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States)
    Rise up America – This is NOT a monarchy led by DJT.

    1. I believe he actually said: The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and eerrrrrr aaaa future, is the revolution
      of those determined to be free.

  7. “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”(sometimes expressed as “troublesome” or “meddlesome priest”) is a question attributed toHenry II of England, which led to the death ofThomas Becket, theArchbishop of Canterbury, in 1170. While it was not expressed as an order, it caused four knights to travel fromNormandytoCanterbury, where they killed Becket.
    The phrase is now used to express the idea that a ruler’s wish can be interpreted as a command by his or her subordinates. Trump and Barr are King and Prince of doom for America.

  8. this too much he is off the chain “i can do what i want” he’s right the sackless sycophants of the gop have sold out what was the best part of the country, the rule of law, donniestan king donald de mar a lago

  9. Btw: This is autocratic level stuff. Use the full extent of the government to come at your personal and political enemies. Meanwhile, your family and supporters benefit personally by plundering, manipulating and extorting in every area.

    1. @K H … BTW … Guliani, is Trumps personal Attorney. He was investigating GENUINE leads in Ukraine, LONG BEFORE anyone knew. D oes Trump not have the right to form a defense against false and phony accusations? Brought by his opponent political conspirators? Well…. not when the NAZI leftists are in control … thank God, they have no power…. The truth is finding them, under all of their mountains of lies, and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO STOP IT…. Meanwhile, they continue with their charade stories and “but what ifs”??? Because they cannot hide from truth…

      Personnaly I want to see EVERY Coup Cabal Criminal hang in Guantanamo, under Military Tribunal …. I dont care WHAT party they are from. I have watched these criminals for 45 years …. From GHWB through BHO…. luckily HRC was suffering from kuru, enough that the people could tell … and thanks to the new unfiltered information sources, we have a way to go around the government propaganda nutworks, that only seek to MOLD AND SHAPE OPINION. Not speak truth….

    2. @K H I am a Patriot, who loves my fellow Americans… I served in the Marine Corps and have been a Police Officer and Investigator all my life… I come to share information to those who are not getting it… I have helped THOUSANDS in my retired years, to see the real crimes, and the REAL criminals …. some, of who I actually unknowingly supported in the past …. I dont spread “conspiracy theories” as you have been taught … I expose the CONSPIRATORS and displace the THEORIES you are being fed on MSNBS … Its not up to ANYONE but US as Americans, to fight the war against propaganda and misled thought processes …. I only ask people who have courage to COMPARE BOTH SIDES of what is being reported…. And then remove all biases…. Compare those things you can find. Start with X22 report…

      Because, …. Q, is Not a “conspiracy” Q, is a RESEARCH SOURCE…. And those who research the leads on their own, and watch patiently for the PROOFS… some take over a year to PROOF….. but they all transpire.

      That, is why I come to MSNBS…. because they are lying, to my beloved fellow Americans, whom I have spent my life serving .

    3. @Mustang Dave you are a sorry excuse for any sort of service member or law enforcement professional. Thank god we all know 100 of each who are good humans and despise the malignant stain you represent.

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