Throne speech suggests Liberals ‘have run out of ideas’: Singh

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses the throne speech, and whether his party will support it in the House, should it come to a vote.

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  1. Oh, look, it’s NDP leader Jagmeet “Mask Hypocrite” Singh.

    I wonder what topic he’ll be utterly hypocritical about today . . .

  2. Jagmeet fully supports medical segregation like its candy I remember human rights abuser with zero shame I recall.

  3. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT INFLATION!?!?!? its not just about housing anymore! why not limit government spending?

  4. why am i, in nova scotia getting anti smoking commercials! that must cost money, is it to make we peons think the government cares! why am inundated with commercials for the goddamn lotteries? this country is turning into the bully called the usa!

  5. Singh’s ideas require even more reckless spending. That’s not from an opposition party’s standing that’s from the parliament budgetary officer’s office. Let that sink in.

  6. Star talking about adaptation Better dams , leaves .bigger culverts and fix the weakness in infrastructure

  7. The Liberals have an idea. It’s time for Christmas Vacation. It’s a great time to get air time for free and wish all Canadians a merry holiday season. Where will Justin go this time?

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