Tim Miller Blasts Republican Leadership For How It Treated Liz Cheney | MSNBC 1

Tim Miller Blasts Republican Leadership For How It Treated Liz Cheney | MSNBC


Writer-at-large for The Bulwark Tim Miller points out that Cheney ‘is the only member of Congress' that will face consequences for her response to Jan. 6th.
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    1. @Eatspit andCry Idiotic response especially considering Giuliani’s current legal situation.

  1. Kevin McCarthy is more comfortable with the loons who tried to have him killed than he is with the woman who refuses to lie for him.

    1. Yes. He’s a thoroughly awful human being.

      Meanwhile his daughter is fighting to preserve democracy and speak the truth at a cost to herself. I don’t like her conservative politics AT ALL but her father’s sins don’t negate the fact that she’s being punished for speaking the truth about Trump.

  2. Shouldn’t these people be on Fox News defending Liz Cheney? Their voice will have more impact

    1. True, only problem is, is the only people who would allow them on their programs are people like Wallace, who FOX viewers despise.

    2. Yeah, like that will ever happen. Sorry, I don’t have much faith in the current GOP’s principles.

    3. Nope, they are doing Trumps bidding despite the truth that they’re pushing moderates away from the GOP for a while.

  3. I hope Liz will stand strong in her convictions. It is good to see her set the example.

    1. @Anita Henson wow denial must be your safe space. To deny that democrats didn’t call her those things when she did support Trump and Trump agenda.

  4. Just a total embarrassment to this country, the GOP needs more people like Liz Cheney to save that party from imploding.

  5. McCarthy should go back to planting potatoes, and leave mrs Chaney and the clever people run the country

  6. The GOP : WE WANT TO LIE! WE want YOU to believe our lies! WE do NOT WANT PEOPLE WHO TELL THE TRUTH!

  7. That seems to be the whole Republican playbook… turn something into something that it isn’t…
    Is lying a disease… cause most of the Republican’s seem to have it….?

  8. Liz Cheney to be ousted as House Conference Chair because she REFUSES to perpetuate the *BIG LIE* that the 2020 election was “stolen” and is against the insurrection that killed 5 people and almost executed the VP and multiple members of Congress. This is where the GOP is right now.

    1. @Eatspit andCry Hi I’m Joe Biden and I *WON* the election by 7 million votes. Fun Fact: My approval ratings have also been crazy-stable, even moreso than Trump’s were. Turns out doing stuff that’s popular will make a President popular. Weird, huh… its it’s almost like I’m acting as some sort of representative example of the will of the people. Trump *LOST* the election because America was repulsed by him.

    1. It will and the majority of the people will make sure the GOP stays in the garbage bin.

    2. It should, but then again there are many minorities who are standing with white supremacists who want them put into camps…

  9. This is the beginning of the end of the GOP.Everything Dump touches turns to s t.

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