Fauci’s Message To Those Hesitant To Get The Vaccine: The Common Enemy Is The virus, Not Each Other 1

Fauci’s Message To Those Hesitant To Get The Vaccine: The Common Enemy Is The virus, Not Each Other


Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden Dr. Anthony Fauci joins Nicolle Wallace and breaks down the current White House strategy to get more of the American public vaccinated
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    1. They need all the thoughts and prayers we can give them… you can’t fix years of being conditioned to be as stupid as possible within the lifespan of one global pandemic.


    3. @Mr Underhill How these S Bags are pulling off the scam of the century is beyond comprehension

  1. “Appeal to the reason and rationale..” of anti-vaxxers. This is not dealing in reality sadly.

    1. exactly. even if you had to pay everyone to get vaccinated – that would save money for the country and the world.

  2. *How can someone who cannot show his College transcripts and tax records, criticize someone whose life is an open book, and still people believe the dodger; something is not right*

  3. I am the oldest person living in my apartment complex. I’m so thankful all my neighbors are responsible, caring individuals.

    1. a country of sheep beget a government of wolves. This piece of crap killed 10 kids and pregnant woman, it was so bad even the corrupt US government had to call him up on ethics charges. Remember this government has on more than one occasion murdered its own citizens. 60% of doctors and nurses not doing it, I wonder why.

    2. @MikalaScotland that is a bald face lie. No pregnant women have died from the vaccine and children are not being given vaccine yet. And oh by the way, the sheep in this story are Trumpers.

  4. I love you Dr. Fauci. You are really doing a good job. Thank you Sir. President Biden is doing a wonderful job too.

    1. @Che Gentle Blah blah blah, “I say the same thing I see other people say” How unoriginal

  5. I got both Pfizer shots. No reaction and no side effects except for feeling tired and a bit of a sore arm (near injection) with the second shot for one day. Just took a long nap and by the day after, I was fine. No biggie! No aches, no fever, no chills, no headache.
    Thank you President Biden and Dr. Fauci:)

    1. I had a more severe reaction to the Pfizer, chills, fever, joint pain, pain at injection site, and swollen lymph glands under the arm I got the injection in (2nd jab only), plus a week of fatigue each time. But, I’m still super thankful to be immune, and consider a couple days of feeling like crap, and a couple of weeks of fatigue, well worth the result. And I’m sure, if I’d actually gotten Covid, I would have had all the same symptoms, but for much, much longer.

    2. @ThisSiteDont LikeMe No it wasn’t. All the vaccine platforms had been in development for at least 15 years, and were just repurposed.

    3. @ThisSiteDont LikeMe trump did the bare minimum of what a President should be expected to do during the worst pandemic the world has seen in 100 years…

    4. @ThisSiteDont LikeMe yeah Trump downplayed the virus and when he left nearly 500,000 Americans died

    1. I am all for others getting the vaccine, just not myself. How sad am I??? I just don’t want the virus or the vaccine. That’s why I isolate myself…

  6. Thank you, Dr. Fauci. You have been such a beacon of hope against all odds, and continue to be. In spite of where we are, we would surely be in an even darker place if it were not for you.

  7. This is the first virus I’ve encountered that cannot be contracted simply by not giving a rip about it.

  8. hello iowa, I am honored, my name is P1, I am comming (for you)!
    muchos saludos de chile ( more vaccination p/p than in the USA, but still problems)

  9. I was diagnosed with HIV some years ago. It was the first time in my life that I thought of ending it all. That was when I saw this amazing Dr. and his story about combatting the HI-Virus since it appeared in the US in the 80s. I´ve been following Dr. Fauci´s work since then. He gave me hope and indeed saved my life!

  10. So, we should roll up our sleeves and get a vaccine and if it goes well, “then good for you” and if it goes bad , “then that’s on you.”

  11. “Herd mentality.” 9:10 I LOVE that he was just going to let that slide, until she caught herself. What a sweet man…good to see him smile.

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