Tim Miller: Capitol Riot Deniers ‘Are Telling A Lie So Their Political Project Can Go On’ | Deadline 1

Tim Miller: Capitol Riot Deniers ‘Are Telling A Lie So Their Political Project Can Go On’ | Deadline


Contributor to The Bulwark Tim Miller, senior opinion writer for The Boston Globe Kim Atkins, and former Senator Claire McCaskill discuss attempts by the former president and his allies to whitewash what happened on January 6th. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Tim Miller: Capitol Riot Deniers ‘Are Telling A Lie So Their Political Project Can Go On’ | Deadline


    1. @Paul Wilson And you’re delusional if you think anyone would be jealous of an ugly, lying, diaper wearing pathological lying narcissistic sociopathic racist. No matter how much money he has. If you love him that’s your business but it says a lot about you.

  1. These people and PARTICULARLY elected officials that were in on this MUST be harshly punished. A failed coup that goes unpunished is just practice.

    1. If he’s not taken down for this after 4 years of lies everyday. Ignored and violated ALL protocols and the Constitution. Then inciting a Coup With death involved. America is over and the owners are shutting down the farm!

    2. @Kar Walker Yes, always keep an eye on that. But Trump is coming to the end of his run, thank go… odness.

    3. @Robert Underwood I agree with you in your opinion of the Trump kids, but I have a strong feeling their profiles depend on him. The only one that has any legs is the Ivanka one, the two boys are complete idiots, and I don’t think she’d get the support from the nutty right.

    4. NAZIS Munich Putsch and burning of the reichstag was ignored and minimised and look how that turned out for Germans and millions of people around the world.

    5. @Sandra Lewis True, but we’re living in different times. The Nazis were able to monopolise the media of their day. I don’t think that is the case today, there are just so many other media outlets, so many other ways round. In our times the big problem is that we no longer turn to 3 or 4 reputable outlets, the tendency is for people to just latch on to Fox or the like.

  2. The day the feds put the cuffs on rudy, trump and trumpets, hawley, cruz, etc… is the day we will believe that we have a country.

  3. *The fact that donald trump refused to immediately do anything to stop the insurrectionists should be more than enough to at least warrant an investigation.*

    1. @george butler so you think burning looting innocent people’s businesses is ok ?
      Burning looting and destroying innocent people’s businesses and lives that had nothing to d with Floyd’s death or anybody’s death.
      At least the capital hill rioters didn’t attack burn and loot innocent people’s businesses. They went after the corruption of the government.
      Cowards attack innocent people.

    2. @nemo4evr just like the capital hill protest. It was mostly peaceful until it wasn’t.
      You two faced idiots are ridiculous

    3. @Katherine Raven so the riots didn’t happen ?. The democrats stopped the riots ?
      Yes they happened. And no they didn’t stop them.
      So how is it nonsense ?
      Just because you deny it ?

  4. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who loathes trump more than I do, but he’s right. There were pics of police assisting “the mob”. I remember that day and saying I guess that’s self preservation when it’s 1 cop vs 1000. That being said, he deserves to be put away for life or the death penalty for treason.

    1. No they too are insurrectionists and seditious just dressed in Police uniforms. Those Police who uphold their oaths get to call themselves Police.

    2. @Sandra Lewis Thank you! no one is capable of believing these demons can be inserted into any role by the democratic party to cause unrest

  5. The continuing spin and false narrative that trump et al, spew, keeps me shocked at the blatant lies. Now he’s banging on about what a lovely day out jan 6 was, when it is literally emblazoned in footage. Just how stupid do they think we are.

  6. Did that clown say some of those idiots was behaving, if your ash was there u are just as guilty as the clowns in jail.

    1. Should the same go for the innocent people who were present while cities were being burned down around them

  7. brilliantly said, ty all. we will not forget. t**’s bs is just for his cult members, giving them their talking points and telling them what their pov should be.

  8. All the FBI has to do is look at the video of him Don jr and his girlfriend in that broadcast trailer smiling and laughing at the insurrection

    1. @West coast ive always said that even a moderate Democrat in the US would be considered a far right candidate in most other countries.

      I am of the opinion that the last two years were especially the breaking point. The Republicans have gotten so insane that the USA will be turning on a dime to the left.

      Let’s hope I’m correct!

    2. @Michael Reid me too I’m stunned by there response to universal health care proportional taxes when billionaires pay less taxes then someone making under 100thousand. Think about how much could be accomplished by those extra dollars. But republicans have their voters believing that the less they pay the better off everyone else is

    3. Neither should be alive today. Their closed-casket funerals should have been in the middle of January.

  9. I really like Nicolle anyway but when she said “the former guy” then that just made me like her all the more!

  10. Mulvaney must really scared for his part in lying, cheating, and stealing in the Trump administration because he can’t walk back fast enough. Mulvaney is part of this past administration and criminal activities, he’s not going to get off that easy.

  11. They should be charged for causing the DEATH of a CAPITOL POLICE OFFICER all the jurors should hear that

  12. These people are lost. Even if trump gets arrested, they will blame it on the Dems.Trump can literally punch a baby in the face and get away with it……

  13. lol nobody was “behaving themselves” inside the capitol. Anyone who was inside was breaking the law. So how can any of them be “behaving”? Mulvaney *still* trying as hard as he can to keep towing that line even now.

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