Tim Miller Says Republicans Are ‘Stuck Between This Rock And A Hard Place’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Tim Miller Says Republicans Are ‘Stuck Between This Rock And A Hard Place’ | Deadline | MSNBC


The Bulwark’s Tim Miller and Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press discuss new polling that shows enthusiasm for Trump is seeming to fade, yet many Republicans have stuck to Trumpism. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Tim Miller Says Republicans Are ‘Stuck Between This Rock And A Hard Place’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. It’s not, until you realise that while one side tries to play fair the cult has shredded the rule book, changed the game, has a captive audience, doesn’t care what the majority thinks or wants, has worked hard to marginalise the effects of the voting majority and is now working hard to exclude the majority entirely because they know they can’t win in a fair fight.

  1. Republicans need to come up with policies that more people can get behind instead of obstructing, show-boating and outright lying to constituents.

    1. You need to do your own research.. .. twisting the truth is so transparent..lol democrats speak out of both sides of their mouths..go burn and loot something that’s all you are good for…..you obviously don’t have a job

    2. @Douglas Matthews 97.7 percent of BLM protests were injury free, police too. I imagine they abided by the curfews and didn’t become opportunistic warewolves, FOR HIRE? Unlike what happened on Jan6, 140 plus injured, 6 dead. Be prouder?

    3. @meaniee20202 if you knew anything about history. You would know that California and half of Texas belong to Mexico. We took it from them period after all look at all the oil and things that were there. They didn’t want any other country to have them so they stole the property from them. Your ancestors were all aliens at one time. There used to be science in New York the Irish need not apply the same thing they did to the black Americans later on. You have no idea about what America is what it stands for and how many died to give people their freedom who are now abusing that very freedom if life is been so bad in this country that how come you stayed? What wars did you fight in all your friends die for freedom? They wanted to cut out things like healthcare but they didn’t have any plan. They just wanted you to vote it down and then they wouldn’t have anything to give you back in return. The Antichrist party that’s why they’re going down. The spirit of Christ is walking Among Us. And the evil will be squished out under our feet and it’s happening all over the world and these Fascist governments. Of course you probably won’t understand what I’m talking about because you’ve never read the book of Jesus Christ the word of God.

  2. Trump’s cult are guaranteeing that Democrats win. I’m fine with that. Stuff will actually get done if we give Republicans the boot.

    1. If and only if, Democrats don’t get sucked into a “progressive” agenda. I wonder if Democrats would have lost so many state and federal seats, in 2020, if the ‘defund the police’ message weren’t out there.

    2. @Deborah Freedman
      Yes, it was a pretty stupid slogan, given that they didn’t really mean defund the police.

    1. @Americannovice Twocentnovice : So now the alternative is a complete mess on the southern border ? along with a continued attack on gun rights and women’s sports ? Not to mention the lowering those higher federal taxes clear down to the $400,000 people instead of just the millionaires and billionaires.

  3. The Republicans are precisely where they have chosen to be. It is only the electorate which is finally moving on.

    1. Pretty much. “Trumpism” is just a symptom of a larger disease in the Republican Party. The cancer has been metastasizing since (at least) the ’80s. Their brand is 99% ideology / 1% policy—and the policy positions they do have are unpopular. They’ve reached Stage IV.

    2. @SoNotDown Started, and continued, with Gingrich. Newt was the one who convinced Donald to run in 2016. Donald rewarded the Gingrich’s by awarding Newt’s wife with an ambassadorship to the Vatican – one of the cushiest ‘jobs’ in our government.

  4. Short term solutions always fail in the long term.

    The GOP is dying, question is will America be taken down with it?

  5. I’m independent, but I’m thinking of changing to Dem. I voted for Joe, and I never did vote for one of those people calling themselves republicans.
    We know that party no longer exists.

    1. @Equality For All
      Still haven’t seen him get convicted of anything or end up in cuffs or in jail as you lemmings believe will happen to him. Anyone can bring charges. That means nothing.

    2. @Karen & Ken Schmidling

      With all the radical taxation and forced changes to apease the loonies on the far left, The Biden/Harris Administration is really gonna be on the hot seat with most Americans. Already we see that Biden and Harris have totally screwed up worse than anyone ever has in immigration history concerning our southern border.

    3. @Silkwood Art literally trump did nothing to fix the border just kicked the can down the road to the next administration, and you seem to forget the massive tax cut gave to the 1%. The tax cut literally made lower income people pay more in tax.

    4. @Equality For All
      Did I? I don’t see it!
      Show me where I said that.
      And show me why that would matter at all.
      And remember, always remember, you will never be my equal, Never.

    1. @UC0-adu7peoIMs5iJp9B0KXA lmao that was a good one about the depends. That’s one ugly statue lol.

    2. There IS an Agenda for Repubs, who needs policy?, and it’s winning. Get every state governorship, change power distribution through laws. And every body can be president of their own state! If Trump can do it…

    3. @Janice Childress Ahhh, as long as those governors don’t exert too much individualism and take directions from their “Chosen One”. The GOP in Congress are treating trump as though he’s “President of their club”. I truly don’t know what a Republican agenda nor policy pitches looks like. Well, except that abortion is wrong and don’t take our guns. What, exactly, are Republicans pitching to the voters, esp Independents, that they want to do to improve anyone’s life? Well, aside from Marjorie Traitor Greene’s “Pro-Anglo-Saxon” manual aka “The White Supremacy Manifesto?

  6. Oh please, please….don’t show those pajamas from K-Mart that the X-Milunka is wearing; once is enough. MY EYES…MY EYES!

    1. That’s why he won’t run in 2024. His ego thinks he should, but his fear of losing is foremost. His orangeness is quite content to hold court at the orange palace, stoking his ego and grifting for all he’s worth. He also keeps forgetting about all those darn pesky lawsuits!

    2. It always boggled my mind that people don’t see that…you cannot tell a narcissist they are wrong…..

    3. @Susan Jones And they’d never apologise unless they thought they could manipulate you with one.

  7. Funny how every bill brought up has been blocked by the Republicans since day 1. But when asked what would you like to see their party can’t even get along to come up with their own idea.

    1. @First Last I genuinely feel sorry for you. I can tell you think that was clever and have no idea how pathetic it makes you look. Stick with republicans because they have nothing more clever than what you offer. They are your kind.

    2. @jain thorne Coming from a spineless Libuturd. That has to blame someone else for your sorry Pathetic life.

    3. @First Last Really?? What a DUMB statement! IF Dems WERE “stealing” their (Republican) bills, then why the HE__ are Republicans still voting against them???? What a troll!

  8. january 6th 2021 never forget the republicans policy is to overthrow democracy and install a fascist regime!

  9. “Stuck between a rock and a hard place”……so in other words….they sold all their values, policies and self worth to a man whose criminal charges and lawsuits are now piling up.

    1. The GOP has been the racist party at least since Nixon and for corporate welfare while cutting public services to help create tax cuts for the rich shifting that tax burden more on the poor and middle class.

  10. The sooner it’s aknowledged that the GOP is no longer a good-faith actor in our founders’ little experiment, the sooner we can move on and continue to form a more perfect union without them.

  11. Republicans don’t want to approve of a commission to investigate what happened on the 6th because they were part of it

  12. I’d love to hear Nicole unchained. She uses words like “goshdarn” and “godforsaken” but you just know what she’d actually say if she weren’t on network TV…

  13. They put themselves in no man’s land. They have to walk themselves out of it, or lose. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

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