1. Ted Cruz: Where’s my family?

    Donald Trump: Under the bus. That’s where you threw them to prove your loyalty to me, remember, Teddy boy?

    1. @dadduorp However you want to take it. I meant it literally, but it is true that both the Woke Cult and Joe Biden have incited riots.

    2. @Roy Batty Thank you for that generous compliment! When the leftist all have to run for their “safe spaces”, I know I’m being effective. You’ve made my day!
      Oddly, I never feel like I can’t listen to woke cult drivel, even if it does remind me of the babbling of small children. I do get bored when they become repetitive, but that’s often the nature of dogma. But I value freedom of speech, so I listen to the nonsense anyway. (Most of the time, that is.)
      You, however, were not boring! And no dogma, just a shriek of panic to your fellow snowflakes. Thank you sir. 💖

    1. Popcorn, yes please. With few dashes of Tabasco and Parmesan cheese if you have any handy. You rock.

    2. @Buds&Vines thanks for the offer, you’re so kind. I’d like quacamole and tortilla chips and neverending margaritas! This ish is getting good! I’d also like to see the orange crap beading down his face like Rudy’s hair dye! 😂😂

  2. All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men could not put Humpty Trumpty Back Togeather Again.

  3. If Trump flipped on his own children to save himself, would he lose ANY support from the MAGA crowd? They would tie themselves in knots trying to spin it in a positive way. Watch…

    1. As it turns out HILERY was right all along. “Basket of Deplorable’s” was And is an apt description of these pigs.

    2. …and to think that this type of personal character was perfect alright for a huge section of America.

  4. O’Brien on 45*: “He does not have emotional bonds with people, he has financial bonds with people”. A perfect summation of 45*’s utter complete psychopathy.

    1. I think Ivanka is safe like he said. Eric, Don Jr and Jared are in trouble though. Him and Ivanka will get their stories straight and take down the whole crew.

    1. That’s what you get for not getting out from under his thumb early. He’d probably disown you, but you also wouldn’t end up in prison for doing his bidding and spending all your energy trying to please him. Narcissists demand you worship them, and that’s supposed to be the entire relationship.

    2. I can. My dad’s a sociopath, too. But in contrast to Dump’s kids, I didn’t enable my dad to do dirty deeds all my life. By my late twenties, I had him figured out and by my late 30’s I quit talking to him altogether.

  5. Just like Al Capone, you go to the accountant for the paper trail and gossip. This is getting cathartic…

  6. The investigators will need to triage the Trumps in a waiting room as they all rush in to rat first.

    1. Why called her Mary Trump? She should be ashamed of her family last name she said she doesn’t like that last name

    2. Mary Trump told us why Trump is who he is and now the SDNY will tell us what he did. End of Story. After that, the person who writes the Moral of the Story will tell us what there was to be learned.

  7. I just had a funny thought. What if Giuliani’s “goods” on trump is what they already know now through Weisselberg? Rudy will be screwed!😂😂😂

    1. You are right. It is likely Giuliani got the goods on Trump during his time in writing the law on racketeering known as the RICO Act and prosecuting the Mafia in NY. Trump being in real estate, it is likely money-laundering, which is so easy to do with real estate and contractor bids, that Giuliani would have crossed into those deals in his investigations years ago. If there is no statute of limitations on such crimes, then Giuliani best use what he has on Trump for his own prosecution and fast, because if Weisselberg uses it first, the Feds won’t need to make a deal with Giuliani for it. One wonders, however if Guiliani could be prosecuted for hiding any such evidence found on Trump back then for his own gain, as people say he may have because he was looking to run for Mayor back then and Trump’s help would have been useful by endorsing him among developers in New York. Maybe Rudy can’t use his insurance, as he called it on Trump after all, if he in fact obstructed justice by withholding such evidence found when putting mobsters away back then. It is funny too because Rudy was on MSNBC during his Ukraine trips for Trump (to help setup its President to be bribed by Trump for US defense funds) and he mentioned his successor back then at the SDNY was convicted of crimes and is serving time in prison now … seems like it must be very easy to commit crimes in such government offices in New York. Now Rudy may share a cell with the guy who ran the SDNY that came after Rudy left the position … wonder if this successor of Rudy’s committed obstruction of justice to end up in jail and got caught.


  9. Does anyone here realize he called Weisselberg the “Crypt Keeper” and anyone who worked with the Crypt Keeper in Tales from the Crypt Usually DIED!

  10. Everyone being investigated will throw Donny under the bus. They are sick of his narcissistic/sociopathic personality which causes the oppression in their lives (and their family’s).

    1. Agree. And the rest of the Nation will yell “dump Trump” because he is makes all of our stock fall.

    2. I would just indicate , lots of people saw this coming , lots of people trying to say something , the finale being the grevious example , of what they said might come of this .
      Some of us just were trying to do their job keeping their stuff together , and watch the fireworks at the end.

    3. 💁🏻‍♀️ Probably because THEY are all Narcissists too. It will be an ‘every man for himself’ sitch.

  11. I guess Daddy’s Girl be upping her “A” game for snuggles. [Don’t worry, Jarod, honey; I’m doing this for us. We’re a package deal. I won’t let you down.]

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