Timelapse shows gummy bears melting in sweltering Canadian heatwave 1

Timelapse shows gummy bears melting in sweltering Canadian heatwave


A one-hour timelapse video shows gummy candies being reduced to a pool of liquid amid the intense heatwave in Calgary.

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  1. What is this some more advertisement of Canada government look it’s climate change come on get for real

  2. Itsa’ hot hot hot ‘ here aswell but I feel for the west ~ stay hydrated folks
    Love from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    1. We are ok cuz its a very dry heat in Alberta.I feel for the folks out east surrounded by all that water.25 degrees there feels like 40 here

    2. We’re Smoking hot in Calgary. My two cats are getting daily baths. Well at least their Undercarriage haha

    1. That’s malarkey,
      Back in his day you’d get a nickel for every sack of potatoes you peeled.. you could then take that nickel and buy two bubble gum a pack of baseball cards and an icy-pop from Sam’s grocery..
      Sam’s grocery always had the best pickles Jack!

      ….What were we talking about again?

  3. As a kid I used to put gummy bears in a glass of water overnight. I’d always wake up with a Yuge gummy bear smiling at me. Haha

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