1. Save us, good people my husband and I have three children orphans needed to help himn To continue and the number is present in the personal image of the YouTube channel

  2. if joe is staying after the audit im leaving the country and moving to mississippi where the room temperature is actually higher then the iq of the citizens of mississippi. in Celsius. i rather live with these people then live under socialism and sloppy joes

    1. Stupid humans is what happened. Greedy people that refuse to believe that fossil fuels are pushing the human beings to the brink. This is why I don’t really like people. Animals > humans.

  3. I’m just waiting for the climate change deniers explain this. Like how do you explain this reduction?

  4. TRUMP has killed hundreds of thousands of ppl because of his COVID response.

    And MANY MILLIONS because of his climate change conspiracy theories.

  5. Thursday in the village and the people I don’t see any villages any houses this lake has been dried up for a long time what is CNN exaggerating I don’t get it

  6. Inaction and a lack of precaution, the great filter of the Fermi Paradox? Suppose this is the big test?

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