TN Police Officers Watch Man Drown After Pursuit | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Newly released body camera footage shows Tennessee police officers watching and taunting as a man they were pursuing, 24 year old Johnny Baldwin, drowns to death. The Baldwin family attorney Lance Northcutt joins Ayman Mohyeldin to demand justice for Johnny after he says officers made a 'calculated decision to let' him die. Aired on 06/12/2020.
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TN Police Officers Watch Man Drown After Pursuit | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. “He’s doin’ it on purpose”….yeah because people drown themselves on purpose then ask for help while drowning….

    1. @Sue Smith Thank You Sue!! Your wise words (from the proverbial “horses mouth”) are just what I was thinking…👍

    2. @MeanGeneSanDiego You are the arsehole who thinks he knows who he is talking to? Shut it before you hurt yourself, little girl. Sorry you can’t handle the truth. Your asinine comment says way more about you than you can imagine. Yes she is an expert at things in the water, but she is not SWORN AND PAID to protect and serve, big shot. Don’t play with anything sharp, genius. Cops have a job to do and that implys risk. That is what they are paid to do and nobody forces them into the job.

    3. @jones Feel better now? Sue Smith knows what she is talking about, and you Sir, are a judgmental little big mouth. I’ll bet you’ve never been in a life and death situation in your entire, vacuous little life. You weren’t there. And you are a presumptuous little drip. Go away. You bore me.

    1. @Francisco Parra It was stupid. Do all acts of stupidity deserve the death penalty? There will be NOBODY left.

    2. @Seine O’More sometimes, not death penalty, but death. What would you say if he’s fallen from the cliff running through the woods at night ?

    3. This was no negligence. Next time you jump to help a criminal in the same conditions they were in. This is not necessarily a racist situation.

    4. Luis Martinez conditions? Again in those same conditions they’d jump in to safe a dog with no “ training”!

  2. These officers are sub human animals,there is NO excuse for them to let this man drown,their actions are criminal !!

    1. @cj p How am I acting like this is so simple? I’m talking about the cop who was going to go help him.

    2. It is the system. You need higher quality on education and on the cops. Harder training and evaluation.

    3. @cj p so youre saying a man running on foot jumps in a lake and cant swim back due to exhaustion so obviously the well trained cops couldnt either and a chain of cops holding belts couldnt be made in a few seconds

    1. @NDW 100 it still does not excuse the bad cops…those are the ones that need to be culled out…we all know there are good cops…but I guess you are just a fox watcher and totally miss the point of BAD cops..hopefully you will never have to experience a bad cop but I certainly hope you do maybe then you will understand why everybody is up in arms about bad cops!!!

    2. @Jeremy Backup And you pay the most for Fox in your standard cable subscription. Just a little fact.

    3. I am from the Netherlands but every cop here would jump into the water to save him.Or at least try to save him, if its save for them to do so.They This is so sad and ridiculous. “saying i am not going in” Are they scared of some wet clothes ? They rather watch somebody drown, WTF. Isn’t the duty as a cop to protect lives in all means necessary also ?

  3. Bs…..they’re saying the police need special training to save someone? Sorriest excuse ever. This is why reform is necessary. Fire both of them. They’re unworthy of the badge.

    1. Scott …did you notice the drop? Was running and didn’t stop in time. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Scott ….he ran like a rabbit off the cliff. Irregardless of either ran off or jumped in….they didn’t protect or serve.

    3. Laura Zaboraski
      They were protecting and serving. They were serving and protecting the public by trying to apprehend a criminal that was willing to lead them on a dangerous foot pursuit. If in fact the guy fell off a cliff, that goes to show why nighttime foot pursuits are so dangerous. If they could have reached the guy they would have. Maybe the guy was a good swimmer but injured himself when he fell off the cliff. The cops don’t know why he’s drowning, so they don’t want to do the same thing he did because they don’t know all the dangers.

    4. Scott …they wussed out. Period. And watched him drown while doing nothing but taunting him. How’s that protecting or serving? They don’t deserve to wear a badge.

  4. When you consider high IQ scores an important reason not to make someone an officer… the selection and training of many US officers is a bad joke if you compare it to the training in other developed nations.

    1. I forget where, but a US court ruled that if your IQ is too high you can be barred from becoming a cop. So if you’re “too smart,” you cannot be a cop.

  5. Most of the heroes you see saving people from drowning are also not trained in water rescue, what a joke response.

    1. @Carpe Diem sad to here about that to. This kinde of stories have we two in sweden. But what I whant to say is if cops do not have simple rescue in there education to become cops is is a flaw.

      And again I am sad to here about the kids that drowned.

    2. @tj11r “she was 9 years old…”

      And saved a 4 year old, that fell from a bridge/pier at a beach into the water. In the bright daylight with the mother of the 4 y.o. in immediate vicinity. The depth of the water is never mentioned. Not really comparable to a grown up drowning at night in a water that’s probably not a bathing spot, and not as shallow as the bathing beach.
      Now bring some more links, and don’t forget to add those where the rescuers drowned.

    3. @O. B. Please do not start to point in the direction of our numbers of drowning in sweden. Here whas 2 cops, trained cops looking while another died….. If our kids learn rescue in school. Why cant grown up men do so. Is your country to be great…. If you whant to now why our numbers is up lately is for the refugees that did get swim training. Now you now exactly why. Let’s instead talk about how your police get there training.

  6. They knew what to do to save this man without endangering themselves, the just didn’t want to. They were mad because they had to chase him and on top of that, he ran, so when he ran into the water and got in trouble, the police mindset set was, that’s what you get, let him drown. So sad.

    1. Blade Runner
      The guy didn’t deserve to die, but he decided to jump in the lake because he figured the cops wouldn’t follow him into the river because it was dangerous. He was so desperate to get away he was willing to risk his life. It’s on him.

    2. Désolé Monsieur,
      a) L’eau est TOUJOURS dangereux, même une piscine
      b) Un policier est formé pour le faire, il apprends les gestes et dois rester calme, la personne en danger est en panique et sous adrénaline ce qui rends la situations encore plus compliqué.
      c) Je m’approche de la personne, toujours par derrière, pour éviter qu’elle s’accroche moi et me prive de ma liberté de mouvement, je ne parle ou ne crie pas.
      d) Arrivé derrière, je mets mon braus en dessous son menton pour que sa bouche resort de l’eau, elle est occupé a essayé de respirer et ne me remarque pas tout de suite.
      e) Je passe mon deuxième braus en dessous de une des aisselles et le lève pour le coucher en arrière, c’est parfois brutal car en cas de besoin je lui force son menton et cela donne des bleus.
      f) Je passe en position l’aztéral, coupe l’eau avec mon corps et nage calmement ce qui le calme après même pas 3 mètres, en général dans cette situation on (je) parle donne des ordres, une personne qui se noie est très lourde
      g) Le temps 2-3 minutes pour le sortir après c’est dur, il faut le mettre hors d’état de nuire ar ex. pression sur sa carotide pour neutraliser ses mouvements et il perd 50% de son poids, il vous reste ensuite 2-3 minutes si vous êtes bon ce que en général on n’est pas.
      Donc 4 minutes après ce temps, si vous ne lâcher pas la personne, vous risqué de mourir avec elle

    1. @Anthony Egidio No because its *Locked* inside the holster.
      You can’t just pull it out of the holster Moron!

    2. Boog that’s not the point here. The lack of desire to aid humanity IS. Too often this is the response.. not gonna fly any longer

    1. The police are not sworn to serve and protect. Look up DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services….

    2. @One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air Well if you peacefully comply they’ll suffocate you to death.

    1. Hey if you want to jump into a pitch black river with tactical gear and heavy boots after a panicking suspect that is going to desperately try to pull you underwater… Departments are hiring.

    2. I didn’t know the young people were tied up. Why are you loosing them? Or did you mean losing?

    3. The police are not charged to serve and protect you… DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services

    4. @cj p we should give them badges so at least they won’t get arrested and go to jail.

  7. not trained in water rescues?? get real..most people would jump in a lake and save a drowning cat or dog

    1. @Nonya Bizness That’s actually not true, just a meaningless motto. In reality, cops don’t even have a legal duty to protect anyone. Two cops watched with folded arms as Joseph Lozito got stabbed 7 times protecting a subway full of passengers from a knife-wielding maniac. He saved lives and the police did _nothing._

      The city argued that the police had no legal duty to protect him.

    1. Non, pas OK, njet, Nos assistance en service commandé est un délit et est puni de prison, un policier qui ne sait pas nagé ??? i d’ont believe that, never

  8. This is why BLM are protesting not just because of Blacks but for all race, American police should learn from us Europeans.

    1. Are European Police trained in deep water rescue? In most of US the rescue squad is part of fire Dept where they get a lot of training and ropes , life jackets are always at the ready. Then a member must have on a lifejacket, helmet and a rope around him before he is permitted into the water.

    2. @cj p In my city 90 percent are factory workers 30 to 50 years old who went to work when they were sick because they did not have sick pay.

    3. NK Maze Americans learned a lot from your “model” Europe as you were killing millions of Jews.
      People in glass houses should not throw stones.

    4. Réponse, oui ils sont entraîné pour cela et équipé le matériel de base étant dans les voitures, oui, les pompiers volontaires ou professionnel sont formés pour ces situations. Cela inclus la réanimation de la personne allant à l’aide cardiaque.Quand j’étais jeune et beaux (d’après les filles c’était pas vrai soit) j’était Boy-scout et déja là nous apprenions comment faire sortir une personne de l’eau sans risqué sa vie et la mienne. MAIS, il est triste de constater que de moins en moins d’enfants apprennent à nager par enfoutisme ou l’école n’a pas d’argents et les parents ne font pas ce qu’il faut, le nombre d’enfants qui se noient même dans de piscines est en forte augmentation. Pour moi, nager devrait être obligatoire dans les écoles.

  9. “Don’t let him fool you….he’s doing it on purpose.” That’s one disgusting sociopathic cop.

    1. Obviously, cops are well trained at understanding other people’s words and body language with the 10 week training they get.

    2. I don’t blame the cops. If they can help they should. But both of them have family too. The one guy stated why they shouldn’t have helped and that’s because he could have pulled him under. Even if he was not violent he could be freaking out and pull him under. The guy was obviously on drugs and acting erratic I wouldn’t have gotten in with him either. It doesn’t help to die right along with him.

    3. @Jacob Brunberg Jacob while that is true there is two of them there. If the one who could “swim” was able to get him close the one who could not “swim” could pull him in from the swallower sides. I don’t think the guy would have had the energy to fight back after leading them on a foot a chase.

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