Today, The U.S. Passed 50,000 Deaths Due To COVID-19 | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Today, The U.S. Passed 50,000 Deaths Due To COVID-19 | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Today, the U.S. passed 50,000 deaths due to COVID-19. Chuck Todd says, "At this rate, in just a few days, more Americans will have died from Coronavirus over a span of roughly 9 weeks than died in the Vietnam War over a span of 12-years." Aired on 4/24/2020.
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Today, The U.S. Passed 50,000 Deaths Due To COVID-19 | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Kim Jong-un is under the weather.

    Dr. Trump ; “ listen Kim inject yourself with 6cc’s of Clorox and call me in the morning.”

    1. @Me ,Myself and I Nobody Else says the guy defending a president that doesn’t understand how light works

    2. @Zykrozy Yes. Aside from one of my degrees being in science, I passed grade 8. That’s like grade 12 level for Americans

    3. @Zykrozy in general? It’s just light a bit higher frequency than visible light. You gotta be more specific. Maybe do some Google searches to figure out what you are trying to ask. You may as well have just asked me how molecules work.

    1. Hello, I hope you are well, I have something important to tell you, I do not know what kind of moment you are going through at this moment, but I invite you to accept Jesus Christ, so that he can help you in your life. I am a witness of greatness and his love, he is the only true savior. For Jesus to be part of your life, just do the following: If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. These words are worthy of confirmation, if you made the decision to accept it, then get a bible and study it and meet with people who share your faith. I wish you the best.

  2. He was sarcastic guys. It’s all good. We need to brighten up a bit. Why so serious? It’s only 50k dead people.

    1. @The Wizard 58,000 americans died in vietnam, from 1961-1975, out of 2.7 million soldiers, around 2%. Even if they’re “padding the numbers”, the virus is deadlier than vietnam, because vietnam didn’t happen from january to may.

    1. In Oregon the small town hospitals are empty and going out of business. Is the Maui hospital busy? Are you sure?

    2. @Jeff Gibson We just had a cluster of cases in our Maui Memorial Medical Center, mainly due to the selfish policies of the Hospital administration which for whatever reason, didn’t allow for their workers and staff to use PPE when not attending to covid19 patients, as a result there were over 30 infections. Kaiser had to fly a team in to essentially do ‘damage control’.

    3. @BC Bob You can thank the president for that. Only HE has the authority to shut down the airlines. We HAVE implemented mandatory quarantines upon arrivals and are also doing place-of-stay monitoring and check in’s as well as escorting. Unfortunately there’s still a lot of travel-sites and companies that are advertising Hawai’i.

    1. @Tom Conlin dont be so arrogant do you not learn from history about all big empire..rome, persia what happen to them even phraoh got so powerful army he got advance technology at that time wealthy even claim his god what happen to him..history will repeat itself..

    2. NorwegianTurboBrains I’m Russian American and I’m hoping and praying every American gets this

  3. Oh no… 50k people total?…. we lose that on a good day.

    Malaria kills 38 thousand people a day… this is a scam…

    1. Adil Choudhury and even more had it and got well without knowing. Also many reported didnt die from the virus. I personally know someone that OD’d and had a heart attack. Its coded at the hospital as covid. They get more money if they have covid cases

    2. @91GT347 Lol. Probably 90% of all Americans are already affected by covid19 at this point. You CAN’T fix stupid.

    3. @Ooguro Ryuura if it were what they say it is, the whole country would have had it 5 times by now. Easily.

    1. They were taken took by the rapture taken means killed people in the flood got taken I mean took killed.not raptured.hahaha

    1. @Josh Salmons According to the CDC, 29k to 59k have died from the flu this year. Stop lying just to prove your false narrative. Thanks.

    2. Btw Dr. Fauci was the one who said it was the “seasonal flu” and nothing to be worried about in his news letter to physician colleagues in early March

    3. @Mike B you’re literally leading the world in cases and deaths yet you still act like you’re being oppressed, just stay at home for a few weeks like the rest of the world has been able to do. You are not special.

  4. Heard they been throwing in people who had covid but died from other means but report it as a covid death.

  5. Died on the way to the hospital thinking he had the “flu”. What should we write on the death certificate? “Uh… definitely a covid-19 death” Let’s test him to see. “No”

    1. THAT RANDOM Wat happen to the terrorist
      Oh yea
      One week it’s terrorism
      Next week it’s covid 19
      Same Mickey Mouse story
      Pulled on the American people

  6. I’d be interested to know what his kids think when daddy says such absurd off the wall garbage. I’d be cringing and hiding if it was my father no matter who the F he was.

  7. I am now watching about USA current situation so I could understand how my customers are doing right now. Lot of my customers are so sad and hopeless that they unable to work due to COVID . Pray for all of us.

    from PHL

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