Tom Steyer On Michael Bloomberg: ‘We Have Very, Very Different Messages’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer discusses how Michael Bloomberg has affected his campaign. Aired on 12/26/19.
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Tom Steyer On Michael Bloomberg: 'We Have Very, Very Different Messages' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. I wonder why they don’t ask these billionaires what they will do with their businesses if they become president. I haven’t heard anything about this so far.

    1. @Some Person I am not a Trump supporter, but I know they made a big deal about his businesses affecting his work as president, so they should ask these billionaires what they will do to prevent their businesses from affecting their work as president, if one of them gets elected. It is only fair to treat everyone the same.

    2. @Kenneth Greifer
      Does it matter any more.
      Russia owns Trump that’s why he won’t show his taxes.
      So why ask anyone.

    3. @Kenneth Greifer I never said either of us werectrump supporters, I was talking about precedent. There was precedent to release tax returns for decades, Trump destroyed it.

    1. As voter we need to train them on what we want. … A tax on Conglomerate war profits. A promise they will never run as an independent….

  2. Hey Tom Steyer, if you’re reading this, can you please remove me from your d*** email spam list? Thanks!😀

  3. DOJ Slam Campuses Behaving As “Mini Police States”

    The United States of America is not a police state. Repressive speech codes are the indecent hallmark of despotic, totalitarian regimes. They have absolutely no place in our country. This is happening far too often on our nation’s campuses. Stand with their right to speak and with their right to learn truth through the free exchange of ideas—particularly those with which they might disagree.

  4. If it were between Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer I would choose Tom Steyer and the reasons are self explanatory from Tom Steyer.

  5. These two are making Jeb Bush and Hillary look like low roller presidential candidates; amazing. Will all those millions actually buy any delegates or influence at the convention?

  6. What most Dems don’t realize is that retirement & senior citizens rely on interest earnings on IRAs that are invested in stocks, bonds, & CDs & have to pay capital gains on this low interest earnings. For that reason, whoever wants to raise capital gains taxes or wealth tax will never get votes of seniors & retirees.

  7. Well, the interviewer here certainly tries hard to lump the two billionaires together. I suppose all billionaires are as alike as all homeless people are alike.

  8. Underneath the Xmas Tree Joey was gifted the entire MSNBCannibal Stuffed Animal collection. Later that day Joey’s MOM saw the MSNBCannibal stuffed animals and asked “WHo gave the dolls to JOEY?” Nobody knew .. 3 am Joey is awakened to the sounds and finds tiny little blood stained footsteps!! The MSNBCannibal STUFFED ANIMALS are alive and using the current house as a base of central MSNBCannibal stuffed animal murder ops!!!! Strange deaths in the neighborhood and Joey knows what’s behind them, BUT nobody will believe him!!

  9. I don’t know why people give Tom Steyer a hard time. At least he’s sincere, unlike some of the other candidates.

  10. The one thing you both have in common is that no one is going to vote for either of you. America is fed up with billionaires.

  11. I love Tom Steyer but he has not proven that he is a Republican plant. He has not sworn that he will not run as a independent and he has yet to champion a tax on conglomerate war profit.

  12. Tom Steyer is not smart enough or even educated enough to be a leader. Tom Steyer has to tell the Military generals what to do and only ask for advice when the generals understand their mission. Same thing goes with Pharmaceutical CEO and Banking CEO, and Oil CEO.
    TAX Conglomerate war profits and give world peace a chance.

  13. WaPo Columnist Rips Rachel Maddow For Hyping Steele Dossier

    Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC


    December 26, 20193:16 PM ET

    A columnist for The Washington Post blasted Rachel Maddow for her coverage of the infamous Steele dossier on Thursday, saying that the MSNBC host engaged in “a pattern of misleading and dishonest asymmetry” in her reporting on the salacious document in the nearly three years since its publication.

    “As part of her Russianist phase, Maddow became a clearinghouse for news increments regarding the dossier,” writes Post media columnist Eric Wemple in his fifth installment in a series reviewing the media’s coverage of Steele’s dossier.

    Wemple took on the project in the wake of the Justice Department inspector general’s (IG) report which undercut key aspects of the dossier, authored by former British spy Christopher Steele.

    According to the IG report, the FBI was unable to corroborate any of Steele’s allegations of collusion involving the Trump campaign. Steele’s primary source for the dossier also disputed key allegations in the document. Steele told FBI agents in October 2016 that one of the main sub-sources for the dossier was a “boaster” and “embellisher,” the report further stated. (RELATED: Rachel Maddow Gushes Over Disgraced FBI Lawyer Lisa Page)

    Wemple laid out a timeline of Maddow’s coverage of the dossier, noting that she tended to hype developments that cut in favor of Steele’s reporting, while ignoring information that undermined the ex-spy.

    “When small bits of news arose in favor of the dossier, the franchise MSNBC host pumped air into them,” wrote Wemple. “At least some of her many fans surely came away from her broadcasts thinking the dossier was a serious piece of investigative research, not the flimflam, quick-twitch game of telephone outlined in the Horowitz report.”

    According to Wemple, Maddow touted reports from other news outlets that claimed parts of the dossier were corroborated. On May 3, 2017, she said on her show that “more and more” aspects of the dossier had been “independently corroborated.”

    On Oct. 5, 2017, she said that “a lot” of the claims in the dossier were “dead to rights.” On April 16, 2018, she hyped a story published by McClatchy that the special counsel’s team had received evidence backing up the dossier’s allegation that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen visited Prague in August 2016 to meet Kremlin operatives. The IG report said that the allegation was “not true.”

    Maddow appeared so convinced of the dossier’s accuracy that she aired an hour-long special report on Dec. 8, 2017 hyping Steele’s reporting.

    On Nov. 25, Maddow conducted a sympathetic interview with Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the co-founders of Fusion GPS, the firm that hired Steele. She touted a book by Simpson and Fritsch released last month about the development of the dossier as “the one you should read.”

    Maddow did not ask the Fusion GPS founders about the numerous flaws in the dossier.


    Maddow’s enthusiasm for the dossier waned as developments in the Russia investigation cut against Steele’s allegations, Wemple noted.

    Maddow has only mentioned the Steele dossier once on her show since the release of the IG report. But instead of discussing the report’s critique of Steele, Maddow asserted that the IG debunked a GOP theory that the dossier was the spark for the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign.

    “She was there for the bunkings, absent for the debunkings — a pattern of misleading and dishonest asymmetry,” says Wemple.

  14. I did not know his platform. He must be brave. In the past, when members of royalty talk about abdicating rule to the people, they would disappear. Or be assassinated like Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

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