1. @enigmaticmisfit “adults are talking” another golden one from a senior citizen

    1. @blksbth1 We the American consumers pay for tariffs they don’t cost Mexico anything that isn’t how tariffs work.

    2. @Shawn wardUhm no, you think. Who are going to pay for these goods? In the end all costs are going to be paid by the consumers, so… So in line, using your “intelligent” logic, the American consumers are going to pay for the wall. Still, Americans have to buy the products. The costs are for the consumer.

    3. You can pile up evidence. And you may convince an idiot. But without action the pile of evidence is just that – a pile.
      “I don’t reject caution, but you also have to be careful about caution because there’s a stage when it turns into paralysis.” – Wise man

      Simple test of the state of paralysis: if any other person did what Trump did, would that person still be free?

  1. I wonder,if McCarthy and the R congress and senators who are saying this is a with hunt are still maintaining that opinion,after all most of the testifying being done by trumps republicans

    1. McCarthy doesn’t have that opinion, however. That’s just what he says publicly, to rile up Trump’s loony followers.

  2. This is *really powerful stuff* coming from a top *Republican* attorney. Good for you, Ben, and for what you’re doing for the country.

    1. @Manuel Moraleda clearly med school doesn’t teach punctuation😏. Going through the dumpsters in the back of a hospital doesn’t qualify as a “medical professional”.

  3. “I was somewhat demoralized because I thought if he really believes this stuff he has, you know, lost contact with—he’s become detached from reality”–Fmr. A.G. Bill Barr.

    1. @guerrahp a lot of it from trump cultists, and a lot from the GOP. Trump doesn’t pay lawyers unless he has no other choice. (Or contractors for his companies, a lot of the time…)

  4. There’s a big difference in the way Republicans and Democrats in the House talk? I’ll leave it at that.

  5. This has nothing to do with honor, integrity, or character. This is all about hatred and stupidity. Sad part is who’s pushing the hate.

    1. You forgot greediness, lies, corruption and evilness in the heart!! I have never believed that he’s human, how can one be so self blessed with his own evilness??👿👹👺

  6. “The Lord works out everything to its proper end — even the wicked for a day of disaster.” — Bible

  7. We have a guy who’s “detached from reality” who appointed 3 Supreme Court Justices with less than a 60 Senator confirmation.

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