1. @Heavy Hauler Freightliner I call it bullshit! I spent 27 years Teaching Special Ed, but I don’t follow lies.

  1. If you must vote for a Republican, vote for someone who cares about this country and not themselves. If you can find someone

    1. I’m running for US senate as an independent candidate who leans kinda toward the right… mainly with gun laws.

    2. @victor abrams gas prices are affected when any country stops producing as much, or are going to stop producing in the future. It’s called the projection of future production.

  2. Mr. Shmidt of PA Like Mr. Rothenberger of GA did the Right Thing. They followed all Election Procedures, Investigated All Claims & Presented the FACTS.

  3. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”
    Twice impeached one term Trump.

    1. @Dave Waldon The question is: Why are you more concerned about the price of gas than the preservation of a representative democracy? Is money the only thing that is important (and no, I don’t have lots of it — I worry about my future too), and if so, what does that say about our society? Do we deserve to maintain our democracy or have we been egged on by the rich to respect and seek only wealth? “We pledge our lives, _our fortunes_ and our sacred honor.” Those were patriots.

  4. These people who are responsible, (Trump included) for these despicable threats etc., should be dealt with very harshly. This behavior is absolutely un-acceptable!!!

  5. this is making me cry. this gentleman and his family deserve more than just our thanks for the burden they endure. this is why justice matters. in a civilized society justice must prevail.

    1. @Mr Rey Im Australian and I can clearly see this is not trivial. If what the last President did goes unchallenged, you are a nation in permanent decline.

    2. @Daniel Dacey nonsense…. we are in a decline because of the petrodollar, Biden policies, and astronomical debt

  6. *”The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”*

    *~Aldous Huxley~*

  7. Again, you have to be some kind of special to follow a man like Trump. The kind of special that I don’t want near my family.

  8. How can a great democracy turn away from the hostility and threats of violence to Americans from within a rabid party’s base?

    1. It’s not that great. The democracy index ranks USA at number 36, just before Cape Verde and way after Greece. It qualifies as a deficient democracy.

  9. Is it OK to make a tweet that puts a man and his family in harms way and encourage people to attack them? No responsibility for Trump? Law and order in the US?

    1. right and call of duty caused columbine pfffftt – did you type that message from in front of Brett’s house?

    2. But what was exactly his intentions of putting out his name? If not to threaten him or put him in harm way

  10. This issue is more important than any other issue this country faces. If these people aren’t held to account for all of their treasonous actions, simply put, democracy is pretty much over.

  11. There is no way you can’t convince me that this isn’t a crime. Threatening someone is one thing but threating that person’s family is just a crime alone.

    1. @john bower Were they protesting or threatening, or don’t you see a difference? Me, I would protest day after day in front of the Supreme Court, i.e. the place where Kavanaugh does his dirty work, not his house, but I reiterate, protesting isn’t threatening. Protesting is “legitimate political discourse,” to use a popular phrase among Republicans. Breaking down doors, smashing in windows (breaking and entering) and trying to harm police (assault and battery) is not protesting. Before someone talks about the George Floyd protests, agreed that the same rules apply. If Trump had encouraged violence then, either on the part of the protesters or the police, he should have been held responsible. And then there’s Rittenhouse, to whom apparently no rules or limitations apply. We should all recall that insurrections are allowed in our system of political beliefs when the people have no representation in government and there is no redress in the courts, as there wasn’t for the colonists in 1775. They took part in an insurrection to overthrow the government. Since every American citizen is represented in Congress and the legislatures of the states these days, you haven’t got a leg to stand on to commit violence against the government the people voted for just because you don’t like what they’re doing, and particularly not just because you wish the facts were different.

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf I’m running for US senate, and try to educate people as often as possible which is why I was reading these comments. I couldn’t have put it any better, and you are 100% correct in everything you just stated. Very well done!!

  12. This is how trump deals with people, like a mob boss. Who the hell does he think he is making names public so his followers can threaten them. What a cowardly act.

  13. Very disturbing that this man and his family had to live through these threats. Just goes to show that amongst the many other charicter flaws and dysfunction republicans have no boundaries.

    1. @sal ortiz Didn’t like that one? How about the attempt to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer the governor of Michigan. Thirteen were arrested on 10/8/2020 over that one.

  14. It should be understood that this is precisely why some many “good Americans “ love trump. He has made it acceptable to openly spew all of the hatred that was relatively dormant in the hearts of too many Americans, those who love to hate.

  15. Isn’t it a crime to threaten and lie to, OR spread lies about an elected official that puts him and family in harms way? HOLD TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE ASAP.

    1. The people who send the threats surely have committed a crime. They have the intent, which they express in the threat; they have the means (a baseball bat will do, much less a gun) and once they have the name and address, they have the opportunity to commit physical harm against a person. Isn’t that called assault (the battery does not have to be carried out) in our legal system?

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf having the opportunity isn’t assault… assault is basically the threat in a physical form like pointing a gun at them, or drawing back with a bat to swing at someone. If you actually swing that bat, and hit them that’s battery. Of course in a gun crime it would become attempted murder or murder depending upon the end result.

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