1. “I respect attorney general Barr, so I accepted what he was saying,” Ivanka said.

      “That must have been a bittersweet moment for the president: she finally screwed him,” Stephen Colbert Jan 6th 2022😆

    2. Donald Trump should be proud. She learned one of his biggest lessons: throw anyone under the bus when they become a liability to you.

  1. Last week they were still hoping they could get people to dismiss it all, but obviously it has gotten bigger than they can cover up.

    1. “This is normal. Everyone knows about it,” are thing predators say to their victims to justify their horrible deeds.

  2. I thought the hearings might be a disaster but they are actually riveting. I am so glad millions of people are watching them so we can all get on the same page about what happened.

    1. @Lauren S.
      “Where did you go to school. There are 320 plus million…”
      There are around half that many registered voters.
      Maybe you should have finished school, Lauren?
      That is a rhetorical statement, Lauren.

  3. It’s the Watergate scandal of our generation. They probably just don’t want to miss out on the ratings as well as being able to put their own spin on it instead of handing audience over to the competition and eventually losing them as they consider alternative perspectives.

    1. Unfortunately most of the protagonists in the Watergate hearings had “actual” principles and scruples. I fear this time around none of the Trump loyalists will bother with trivialities like truth etc.

    2. @포리너 I mean it doesn’t help when South Korea’s voting system is First Past the Post which is even wrost than the Electron College

  4. One of the hardest things for humans to do is to admit they were wrong about something. Even when presented with clear overwhelming evidence some people will still cling to their error purely for their ego’s sake, and will even double down to the point of appearing delusional to avoid being wrong. Some in Trump’s base will look at the evidence and say, “So what?”

    1. @gdi wolverine male 2 hmmm, last time I looked Thompson skin tone isn’t white and Senator Jamie Raskin is a Constitutional Professor and Attorney, just to point out a couple holes in your statement.

    2. @gdi wolverine male 2 let me ask, do you think Tucker Carlson is telling the truth? And what the heck does being Jewish have to do with his professional credentials? Rudy is an attorney too, although not a very good or intelligent one.

  5. It should be noted that the first Jan 6 broadcast had over 20 million viewers, which was seven times larger than the 2.9 million viewers who watched Fox instead. I’d say it’s reasonable to suppose more than a few Fox viewers might have had a shock at seeing the overwhelming evidence against Trump, quite likely for the first time.

    1. Fox might have a few openings for new presenters, the current ones might have to take early retirement.

    2. @Woke Choke about 15% of the voting public…

      Also, what is with the strange fascination on ratings? There are more important things than viewership ratings…

      Trump is big on ratings though, I guess?
      He’s also big on rally turnout… as if either of things things matter

    3. @drebk – If you were paying attention, which obviously you were not you would have noticed OP brought it up in the Initial post that started this clown show. I know exactly how little meaning this little Dog and Pony show has, I know that the Economy is and always has been the biggest mover in Elections.

  6. My dad, an avid Fox watcher, called me today to tell me that he has decided that Trump shouldn’t be president because of his election lies. I was floored! I guess Fox blew it by showing the hearings today. Yes!

    1. That is great! I didn’t realize til now that they’ve changed their minds and are airing them now. I hope this helps enlighten many more!

    2. @Dirk Britten that was great!! But obviously he has no clue! I not only worry about his brain, but the many who liked his answer! 😂

  7. The reality is that this whole denial of reality by Trump would have had no legs without the total support of Fox. Rupert Murdoch should be made to front the enquiry.

  8. Money talks. Fox walks. And I’ll keep saying this: ALL OF THIS BECAUSE A GUY COULDN’T TAKE AN L.

    1. Right?!
      And he and his fragile ego are considering standing again in 2024. What will he do when losses again?

  9. These hearings definitely should all be prime time…it is absolutely fascinating to watch these Republicans testify…from AG Barr to Ivanka Trump. This is stuff that is new and riveting!(from someone who doesn’t watch this stuff regularly).

    1. I wouldn’t watch this stuff ‘regularly’ because it is irregular, a once in a life time event.
      I’d watch it and I do, because it is extraordinary.

    1. @travelicious ! yes, I got up at 6 to watch was passed out before it even came on bc it was delayed by 30 minutes today 🥴 will try to watch it live on Wednesday, but yes, rough for us west coasters!

  10. At this point, even if Trump himself stood in front of a mic and said, “hey, I lied about winning the election,” his supporters would still be in denial.

  11. The hearings are immensely interesting and compelling. The massive response in viewership will grow and more will watch. The importance of these hearings is crucial to prevent another possible overthrow of a government that has lasted over 200 years. Democracy is at stake.

  12. fox was afraid their viewer’s heads would explode, but losing ad dollars was more important than viewers’ lives.

    1. No! Fox did aire Jan 6, on Jan 6 and a few weeks after. They moved on as they should. I recommend CNN do the same.

    1. @John B Of course it’s political and we are getting people to admit what we saw happen. This is important, do you not care about our countries democracy? If we don’t address this it could happen again. I don’t know about you but I want fascist wanna b dictators held accountable. I also want insurrectionist held accountable. I like my freedom I also want to progress so everyone has the same privilege I do as a white person.

  13. a lot of those things have been out there, but now people are hearing it factually instead of as political fodder

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