Tornado leaves Mayfield, Kentucky decimated | USA TODAY 1

Tornado leaves Mayfield, Kentucky decimated | USA TODAY


Dozens are feared dead after tornadoes and severe storms ravaged homes, a factory, a nursing home and entire towns Friday night and Saturday morning in multiple states, including Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he expected more than 70 deaths amid a path of destruction throughout western Kentucky in what he called the deadliest tornado event in state history. He said the tornado touched down for 227 miles, most of them in his state.

"I'm now certain that number is north of 70, and it may exceed 100 before the day is over," he said in a news conference early Saturday. He called the devastation "indescribable."

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  1. Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected! I live in central Indiana and the winds were so bad last night! We were extremely lucky. My heart breaks for those who suffered loss.

    1. I’d like to see the truck stop, I was in a tornado and what saved us was the trucks all parked together we just tipped over onto each other, but waking up and opening the curtains was scary as hell, to late to run from the truck and even then, run where? To a truck stop with no basement? I’ll never live in a home with no basement

    1. Joplin came back, the Walmart there has the original beat up W that went thru the storm hanging inside the new store

    2. @BreakinGames ive never seen anything this bad but your right peeps will pull the seams back together in time.

  2. I’m here now taking a break with the cleanup efforts. On behalf of my state we appreciate the well wishes. And the video doesn’t do it justice. Stay safe people

    1. It is odd usually they have footage of all these tornados. Not even a cctv or whatever. What category was it? And hopefully all injured heal up quick and healthy.

  3. Here in NW Ohio and we’re still feeling the wind from the storms. All my prayers going out to those affected…

    1. Feeling the wind here in Michigan at 3:00 Saturday. How awful for the people of Mayfield. I gave a thumbs up, not
      because the people experienced this, but because it was reported.

  4. I live in Lexington, Kentucky and my grandma lives in Paducah, Kentucky, she could see the tornado it was very close to her, we are getting awful winds and storms all day, R.I.P. to anyone who passed last night.

  5. Prayers to family and friends of those lost to this horrible storm system. Prayers for all the survivors that help will come fast.

  6. Prayers to the family. I know the feeling of being hit by a tornado, we had one last year and until now we’re still recovering.

  7. I live in burnside ky area and it got rough here last night and this morning around 430 am 5 AM winds rain was heavy it sounded like somebody was breaking in house, I woke up from thunder and lightning, my father in law car had a tree on top of it but ess light damage trees blew over in front my house lucky no one got hurt ,but we did get some of the wind blowing chairs tree limbs all over ,just need pray for those people who were going through that storm in western Kentucky I can’t imagine how they feel so close to Christmas and now they have no where to go lives lost and home destroyed ,devastating GOD BLESS THOSE PEOPLE, hoping for the best

  8. Watching this video reminds me so much of watching a similar video taken right after the Joplin, Missouri tornado. RIP to those who lost their lives and may God provide comfort for their families and loved ones during this time of horrendous loss. May God be with all who were impacted by these horrible storms. Prayers from East TN

  9. I can’t imagine it would look any worse if a nuclear bomb had detonated. Absolutely heartbreaking. And right before Christmas. I hope and pray our whole country rallies around all the families who have lost everything. 🙏🏻💔

  10. OMG! It’s very strange that all houses have been destroyed and some trees still there. The tornadoes usually pulled out the trees as well.

  11. Heart breaking to see this. Condolences from Germany to all who were and are affected by this tragedy. Hope you can bring back life into these towns any time soon.

  12. I can’t even wrap my mind around the devastation…I thought Xenia, OH was bad years ago, this is worse. Prayers for the survivors of Mayfield.

  13. Prayers for the victims, survivors and families of everyone affected!! Not that there’s ever a good time for something like this to happen, but this has to be among the worst

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