1. I’d be spending my time figuring out what permits I need. Finding out who called won’t help the situation anyways.

    2. @Ajax Ontario Canada <= Is right, the pool could have killed somebody, and yes we do have permits for a reason, I wouldn't want it right next to my fence either. The father can build it, that's no problem, as long as he obeys the law of the land.

  1. So many rule and regulations out their in Ontario. Alberta is the Wild West here, anything goes as long as it doesn’t create a safety hazard.

  2. Dont like his pool? Stay out of his yard. Keep it up and if thwy come for you, fire all cannons

  3. I’m so sorry that the awesome father in this story is being forced to tear this beautiful boat that he built for his children down! Just ridiculous that they have the power to do this! Who is it hurting? NOBODY!

  4. come on really? I hate neighbours that is so cool, and doesn’t look bad either. somebody always has to be a scrooge.

    1. @Jenn Jenn A better idea would be to get a building permit, build it 5′ or more from the fence, and take out the swimming pool before a kid drowns in it! Ta-da, father of the year! And everyone lives happily ever after, The End.

  5. They kids probably wished they could have an inground pool like their neighbor and Dad could not give them that so he built them their own kiddie pool with deck to cool off in the summer with pallets and 8weeks of his own labour. Can’t he just get some sort of cover for the top of the water like hot tubs have for safety?

  6. WOW What a great play structure and all that time the dad put into building it. To bad yous ca not even trust your neighbour any more and i would have a few words for them.

  7. Real Canadians…(ya right), I notice the Greek flag flying from the ship….I guess Greek Canadian….emphasis on GREEK.

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