1. Hey everybody, you want to enjoy the park? Well no, you can’t. You have to stand in a small circle like disobedient children.

  2. Who’s the galaxy brain coming up with these? Clean out your locker at the gym, bud. You’re fvkn fired.

  3. ” You can chain me, you can torture me, you can put my body in circle…but you will never imprison my mind.. “

  4. Wow, this BS is getting out of control big time. Next we’ll be required to wear proximity activated shock collars.

  5. When I first saw it my husband and I gave each other a look: Seriously!?
    Mr Tory, what I would like to know is, when I am in one of these circles and I need to go to bathroom, do I raise my hand and ask a cop for permission to go? Maybe the cop escorts me to bathroom too? What’s next? Mr Tory, get a grip of yourself for god’s sake. We are not children.

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