Toronto using painted circles to separate people at park 1

Toronto using painted circles to separate people at park


Toronto has painted white circles on the grass at the Trinity Bellwoods Park to separate people after recent images from the area showed thousands of people ignoring physical distancing rules.

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  1. Hey everybody, you want to enjoy the park? Well no, you can’t. You have to stand in a small circle like disobedient children.

  2. Who’s the galaxy brain coming up with these? Clean out your locker at the gym, bud. You’re fvkn fired.

  3. ” You can chain me, you can torture me, you can put my body in circle…but you will never imprison my mind.. “

  4. Wow, this BS is getting out of control big time. Next we’ll be required to wear proximity activated shock collars.

  5. When I first saw it my husband and I gave each other a look: Seriously!?
    Mr Tory, what I would like to know is, when I am in one of these circles and I need to go to bathroom, do I raise my hand and ask a cop for permission to go? Maybe the cop escorts me to bathroom too? What’s next? Mr Tory, get a grip of yourself for god’s sake. We are not children.

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