Tory infighting could impact O'Toole's popularity – can Trudeau take advantage? | TREND LINE 1

Tory infighting could impact O’Toole’s popularity – can Trudeau take advantage? | TREND LINE


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After Erin O'Toole's election as Tory leader, the party was in a statistical tie with the Liberals, but new polling shows that the Conservatives have lost significant support in the last few months.

Michael and Nik talk about what has happened, is Tory infighting starting to have an impact on the party's broader support?

The last month has seen former leader Andrew Scheer back in the headlines because of a hiring scandal and a high-profile MP taking a shot at Manitoba's conservative premier.

Michael and Nik also look into the sinking popularity of some of Canada's premiers – are they dragging down the national parties?


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  1. Leslyn Lewis was better than Erin O’Toole!!!

    Erin O’Toole and Trudeau are both corrupt establishment politican!!

    1. 100% O’Tool and Scheer are stereotypical politicians. Removed from reality with silver spoons in hand. I know the Conservatives have much stronger candidates, but they never seem to pick anyone the general public wants… they only pick who their big bank donors want.

  2. It makes me angry. Erin O’Tool AND Jagmeet Singh have been campaigning instead of trying to solve the issues at hand. Liberals aren’t perfect, and as a Manitoban I have to point out we have Conservative leadership. Pallister is at least cooperating with Ottawa, so it’s insulting to watch O’Tool undermine and stall any and all efforts to keep things steady. I don’t think O’Tool realizes if he personally gains popularity at the cost of party municipal and provincial level support… he won’t win the next election.

    1. Ya, especially the Alberta conservatives losing 15 points in the polls. The conservatives are hurting. I think Erin O’Toole is a strong leader but he inherited a party that is self-destroying. Scheer focused on bashing Trudeau without talking about real policy so he wasn’t really focused on internal party affairs.
      In order for them to win, they need to make their policy pushes and what they support unanimously support and clear in order for them to regain their power.

    2. @Abdullah Khan Agreed! Scheer was a terrible candidate and the Conservatives made the same mistake with O’Tool. Even Ford is losing points because, here’s the hard truth… O’Tool isn’t in the trenches with his constituents. The premiers are getting raw data and daily reports on not just the impact on the economy, but the status of the public’s wellbeing. They’re reaching out and meeting with community leaders. They had no choice but to be exposed to the growing poverty, and disparity in our communities. This pandemic is an extremely complicated situation, and O’Tool campaigns during meetings.

      We don’t need promises or questions. We need plans and action!

  3. O’Toole’s idiotic insistence that impossible to predict vaccination logistics be explained is not doing anything for the healthcare professionals.

  4. Lewis should have won. The Conservative Party is no longer Conservative. Canadian wide and in provinces. Alberta is the only place some conservative ideologies still are in play. Ontario is a dumpster fire for “conservatives “”

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