Tory MP slams Guilbeault for using bicycle 'prop' in House appearance 1

Tory MP slams Guilbeault for using bicycle ‘prop’ in House appearance


Conservative MP Ed Fast accused Minister Steven Guilbeault of using a bicycle as a prop in the background of his video during a session of hybrid Parliament.

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  1. This guy is making his objection while wearing glasses, clearly signaling support for the optometry-industrial complex. His apparent conflict of interest must be investigated to determine if he’s taking kickbacks from the Hakim family

    1. No, we just don’t trust convicts to ever tell the truth. The RCMP better run the serial number of that bike to find the rightful owner.

  2. Thank you! I finally understand why the federal government was really pushing for the $10 per day child care and where that needs to be implemented.

  3. Nice old steel frame classic bike with original down tube shifters hung on a bike rack. It probably dates back to the seventies or eighties. It’s not unusual for someone to put something like that on a stand in a living space for both display and storage. Waste of time worrying about it.

    1. It’s a Marinoni frame. Classic old school Quebec frame builder built by an Italian immigrant to Quebec starting back in the sixties. The bike looks like real Canadian built gem. Perfect for display. Conservatives made themselves look like foolish stoggy aholes.

  4. Minister Steven Guilbeault should try riding is bike to work from rural Ontario in the middle of winter. He had better make sure he’s faster than the snow plow.

  5. Props? The only problem is that they have to show up in parliament while others can stay home. What a bunch of sniveling little brats.

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