‘Too early to tell’ if Omicron will spark fifth wave of COVID-19: WHO special advisor

Dr. Peter Singer speaks on the Omicron variant as Canada confirms that there are three cases so far in the country.

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  1. If only double vaxxed are allowed to board an airplane and fly in Canada, how is this ‘new variant’ entering the country? Are the requirements different between citizens and non citizens?

    1. Yes, they are, if you are citizen or permanent resident they cannot prevent you from entering the country regardless of if you comply or not. Ok the other hand, if you are just a visitor or tourist to this country, you have to comply to be able to enter Canada

  2. Its extremely hard for me to agree with this since its more of a ripple than a wave. It definitely be something for our future generations to tell great tales about when we are all gone…..the great ripples of the 2020’s

  3. Omicron is a “Transformer “, I believe he’s Megatrons cousin. “More than meets the eye” really rings true

  4. 1.3k views 12 likes 👍
    You don’t need a dislike button to figure out the math here.
    Nice work YouTube 👏

  5. “WHO Special Advisor” ??? Is he as qualified as the non “doctor” Tedros? Well, we’re all in deep 🐎💩 now!!

  6. The Easter Bunny variant will be on the way soon, except the eggs for Canadians, they will find in Trudeaus bank account

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