1. @Toni Gallegos Point being, how much money one needs to compensate having PTSD? There was an urban legend I once heard about someone suing somebody whose actions had caused them “to lose their faith in God”. Thereby setting a precedent for how much the faith in God is worth in green.
      As for PTSD, I got it from watching the video. I may have to take it up with Youtube or CNN, haven’t decided yet.


    1. @Ash the Viking congratulations. I had no idea a committee had appointed you as guardian of word integrity. It must be exhausting to search the comment section to patrol for phases that disrespect the original meaning it was meant for. Clearly that is more important than people risking their life with each jump from a high place saved only by a rubber band so I can understand your insistence on respecting the original meaning. By the way…. Isn’t it time for your meds again?

    2. @Chris Powers Glad you have come to your senses. The doctors are coming by later with the Flintstone vitamins – thank you for asking.

    3. ​@Ash the Viking yeah and I bet that bungee has been around a long, long time as well…never checked, never replaced 😅

    1. Not really a Darwin award nominee. This is just crap luck it didn’t happen in a society that could get you paid. 🤕

  2. Would pay to see Wishi Washi Rishi Sunak and other ex PM’s on the same platform, social distancing or no social distancing ..

  3. Bruh… Who in their right mind takes one look at that cord and says to themself, “Yea this looks like it meets all safety standards 😊” 💀🤡

    That idiot gets no tears or pity from me 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m just mad that Darwin decided not to claim his prize this go around 😡

  4. I wonder if this is an algorithm feed!? I was wondering yesterday and the day before if these were safe, the weird part is I never searched it! Lol so the fact this so happens to get brought up is such impeccable timing!

  5. In the United States wouldn’t have cost $300 more like $3000 for being treated and released within a few hours or $30,000 if you needed scans done and had to stay overnight for observation.

  6. Two hikers went up the cliff and saw bunch of people bungee jumping. One hiker says to the other “Hey, how about it eh?!” His friend answers “Man! I came to this world because of a broken rubber, I will not leave it the same way!!” 🙏😇

  7. This feels like when they mess with people and say they forgot to hook them up. Except they really got hurt here.

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