1. Trouble. That look like Oklahoma! Crazy that Oklahoma get earthquakes more often now we still get tornadoes 😢😢😢😢

  2. I think Mother Nature is mad & we haven’t seen nothing but a taste of what she has to come.🤷‍♀️

  3. Earthquake, snow, rainfall and now Tornado wow
    God please give us in Los Angeles we don’t know shts

  4. Wow! I live in the lightning capital of the world down in Florida but the only tornado I saw up close down here in Florida.. was skipping across the street and it was only about a foot-and-a-half high! And I did get hit with a tornado with the last hurricane we had but I didn’t see it. It sent my neighbor’s roof hurling through my bedroom windows though! I did see a tornado pretty close up in North Carolina.. thank God it missed my house!

  5. Well Mother Nature said no one gets away from these type of weather….I guess it’s our turn now…

  6. That damn Cloud, Cell was in West LA and we had 2 inches of Rain in 10 min, Than that spinning cloud moved on to Montebello which was 29 miles away.. That cloud was at 11:00AM in West LA and the hit was at 11:15 AM in Montebello

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