1. We were okay without Tik-Tok before it was introduced and we’ll be fine without it if it gets banned.

    1. @bye bye people who don’t need social media to create their identity. People who already know who they are rather than counting the number of likes they got. Ohh I got more followers today! Someone liked my comment! I’m so popular! The we are the people that won’t think or say those things.

    2. ​@Clyde C McElroy Before they created electricity, people don’t think they need it for their daily lives. Soon electricity becomes indispensable. Same goes for the internet. Our world is changing rapidly..

  2. Most Americans don’t appreciate that the big fish are looking ahead. I don’t know if I can say I agree 100% with all their assessment, but recognizing the inherent danger of allowing a foreign enemy to use our psychology to build better weapons against us is how they should be thinking.

  3. Seriously AWS20X is something nobody expected and yet it’s just breaking all existent rules to make the superior move

  4. I fully agree with the Senator on this. TicToc is way more dangerous than the others. Though, I am slowly trying to wean myself off of Facebook because they know too much and keep way too much info on each user. Whatever happened to talking face to face. If I go out to eat with someone, there will be no phones allowed.

    1. To me I wouldn’t want to speak face to face to people especially with that James on the Richard spurr show bullied Joyce on lbc

  5. To this day I never grasped the comprehension of what a child that is not even a pre-teen yet, need with a cellphone!

    1. “Hush now baby, baby, dont you cry.
      Mother’s gonna make all your nightmares come true.
      Mother’s gonna put all her fears into you.
      Mother’s gonna keep you right here under her wing.
      She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.”

  6. Why should any bank ever be allowed to donate money to a politician? That is the definition of corruption. And it is standard operation procedure for the entire system. We should expect corrupt government under these circumstances.

  7. This is mostly about Google and Meta hating the competition … both for viewers and creators. TikTok treats creators way better than either.

  8. Teens and influencers will continue to use it, and get it off mirrored download sites. It’s not exactly a huge driver for online SEO etc anyway. So, this ban…

  9. I use neither Tik-Tok or Facebook. But I always wonder how much of the Tik-Tok hysteria is legit and how much is Zuckerberg pulling strings towards fulfilling his anti-competitive ends.

    1. Number one reason. But it’s also a national security threat because America has zero control over the app.

  10. Something else will take TikTok’s place just like it took Instagram’s. But you might want to be sure it’s not only created and operated by Americans but that China isn’t a major investor. This is a much larger problem than you think.

  11. Before the start of this hearing, every member in the committee should/must give account to the number of lobbyists representing social media they had a conversation and how much have they received in terms of contributions. I’ve lost all faith in they true motives of many of these “fact finding” hearings. The public/citizens deserve to know how much they are influenced by special interests..

  12. I find it hilarious all this hysteria over TikTok when you have Facebook, Twitter, etc. selling and trading user information for years

  13. He has shares on many of the Media that is being eaten by tiktok for breakfast, OF COURSE HE BASHES TIKTOK

  14. The question would be, why should America allow TikTok in US when China limits US platforms in China

  15. Never saw much use in TikTok or other platforms similar. The addiction to SM apps is a dangerous issue on many levels. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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