Yes, This Economy Is Confusing

The past few weeks have been head spinning: U.S. job numbers? Solid… except for those layoffs in the tech sector. Inflation? Slowly dropping… but still high. Not to mention the bank failures…  

It all has made us wonder: Why was it so hard for economists to predict this? What will happen next? And what does it mean for folks caught in the middle of high inflation? Audie gets an assignment from a listener and asks economists Gary “Hoov” Hoover, Executive Director of the Murphy Institute at Tulane University, and Alfredo Romero, Associate Professor at North Carolina A&T University, to make this economy make sense.  

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  11. Yes it is confusing when you have a President of the United States that wakes up every morning confused and with a whole new set of friends, that oversees the American economy.

    1. When he wakes up every morning? I’ll bet Joe has to sleep until at least noon. That’s when they come in to do a diaper change

  12. I don’t see how people find this so confusing spending printing money you don’t have leads directly to monetary hardship and all these people whose brains are in a bubble have one of these expressions😮😢

  13. I gained much sktiv “Giving Billionaires and Corporations large tax breaks is good because they create jobs”…then I saw stocks drop after the economy added 500,000 jobs… This really made me wonder whos creating the jobs, big corporations or small/medium sized businesses. Theres also no law demanding companies show how much of the tax break money went to jobs they created. ID LOVE TO SEE MORE PROOF WHERE THESE TAX BREAKS ARE GOING

  14. The economy isn’t confusing at all. It’s controlled by people who have more money than we can imagine and when we start doing well, they take some back. Taxes, rate hikes, inflation, it’s all controlled.

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