1. Kinda impossible to do given that it lives in the ocean & just how big it is. It must be doing alright for its self seeing as it’s so large. It’s not starving or emaciated at all.

  1. Scoliosis is very painful in humans, but I don’t know if this whale is suffering the way we (I) do. Some cases in humans can be fixed with surgery, but whether it can be done on an animal in the wild is unknown.

    1. @T excuse me? I’m definitely saying whatever the whale is male or female I hope it’s not suffering. I’m not assuming I’m saying whichever gender it is I hope it’s not in pain. I believe either human, mammals or whatever the case may be your either male or female. There is no changing DNA. Im not sure What your getting at so if my answer right now is not what you meant with your question then please let me know what you did mean and answer your question.

    2. @Dawn Rano Dawn I think they mean to think beyond the gender binary, or they are making fun of people who are outside the binary. Whatever the case, kudos to you for being graceful in your reply.

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  3. All that radiation ☢️ that’s in the water and this whale probably swam around like the Fukushima plant

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