Train crashes into car hauler stuck on tracks in Florida #Shorts

No one was injured after a passenger train in Hollywood, Florida, collided with a car hauler trailer after the truck got stuck on the railroad tracks.

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    1. What’s to love about it? Spending more tax dollars to repair or buy another train? Yeah, big fun.

  1. With all the tech we have, why can’t they use cameras, emergency call boxes, sensors to make the operator aware the crossing is blocked??

    1. Trains take a very long time to stop going at that speed, very likely advanced warning wouldn’t have helped.

    2. why depend on technology? a driver should know that he is hauling a low clearance trailer. see the truck MAY get stuck and avoid the crossing…. why do they make bridges on the interstate taller than semi trailers ??? why do they have signs before bridges on surface streets and semi drivers still get the trailers peeled back like a sardine can????

    3. @Jacob Antonetz – Agur The Wise with enough warning they can stop. Thanks for stating the obvious.

  2. That’s on Taft and Dixie i drive past there all the time crazy and it’s all flooded around there right now

  3. Possible injuries, damage to train, damage to tracks, all those cars, debris from trailer, down power lines, ton of traffic & all in the pouring rain!! That is one sucky job to be sent on. You’ll be soaked to the bone by the time the area gets cleared up then you still have of hours of report writing 😑

  4. I don’t get it, why do trains stop “after” the crash and not before it? that’s sus! like an insurance scam.

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